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Ferrari’s championship fate hinges on their drivers – Binotto



Ferrari's championship fate hinges

According to ex-team principal Mattia Binotto, the fate of Ferrari’s championship aspirations for this year will be determined by their drivers.

It is anticipated that the Scuderia team will challenge the current world champions, Red Bull Racing, this year, as they have resolved the reliability problems that caused them to operate their engine at reduced performance levels for a significant portion of the 2023 season.

The SF23 is expected to outpace the SF-75 by three tenths of a second per lap, and combined with the predicted setback for Red Bull due to their reduced wind tunnel and development time, there is hope among the Tifosi that Ferrari could make a triumphant return to success.

Binotto, on the other hand, asserts that the success of Ferrari will depend on the performance of their drivers, regardless of the team’s anticipated technological improvements.

Binotto stated, “It is the driver who makes the decisive difference on the track, especially for the last two tenths of a second. The driver’s talent, driving skills, and mentality are critical because they need to possess the charisma that motivates the entire team to strive for continuous improvement.”

Binotto added, “Ultimately, the driver is a key figure in the team, as he is one of the most crucial persons who interacts with the media, the team management, the mechanics, and the entire team.”

Binotto further commented, “Therefore, I believe that not only does the driver’s performance on the track matter, but also their capability to foster and enhance the team’s mentality.”


Earlier this week, Ferrari unveiled their 2023 Formula 1 car contender, the SF23, during a car launch event that culminated in Carlos Sainz taking the car for a spin at the Fiorano track.

Binotto, who departed from the team at the end of last year, was present at the launch as a guest of the Panathlon Club, and stated that Ferrari’s new car was designed during his tenure as the team principal.

Binotto acknowledged, “The SF23 was designed last year, and I was part of the team during its development. However, the car does not belong to me, but rather to the Ferrari team as a whole.”

Binotto emphasized that success in Formula 1 is a team effort and not dependent on any one individual, stating, “In Formula 1, we do not focus on individuals, but on the collective effort of the entire team. Ultimately, to emerge victorious, it is crucial to have the best car.”

Ferrari’s championship fate hinges Ferrari’s championship fate hinges


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