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Gasly and Ocon optimistic about Alpine’s 2023 potential



Gasly Ocon Alpine 2023

Following their first testing session with Alpine’s new car at Silverstone this week, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon expressed optimism about the team’s potential for 2023.

In contrast to other Formula 1 teams, the Anglo-French squad chose to perform a test drive of its latest car before the official launch event, which is set to occur in London on Thursday.

According to the regulations, Alpine was allowed to carry out a maximum of 100km of driving as part of a combined shakedown and filming day at the British circuit. Gasly and Ocon took turns behind the wheel of the A523 during this session.

After the testing session, both drivers spoke positively about the initial setup that was developed by the team at their two bases over the winter period.

After testing the 2023 Alpine car for the first time, Ocon expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “It’s only when you get back on track in a Formula 1 car that you realize how much you’ve missed it.”

Gasly shared a similar sentiment, stating that it was an honor to drive the A523 and witness the improvements and hard work that had gone into the car. He expressed gratitude to the staff at Viry and Enstone for their efforts in reaching this milestone and making it possible for the car to be seen on the track for the first time.

Gasly also commented on the smoothness of the testing session and shared that the first lap is always a memorable one. He expressed his excitement to reveal the A523 to the world at the launch event on Thursday and also during the upcoming track event in Bahrain.


With the departure of Fernando Alonso, Gasly will be joining Ocon as his teammate at Alpine this year. Gasly was equally excited about the new car’s handling after the test drive.

Gasly expressed his delight at driving again, especially in his new team colors of Alpine, saying, “It’s a fantastic feeling.”

Gasly mentioned that the purpose of the day was to get an initial feel for the car, and he found it to be very good on the laps he drove. He acknowledged the hard work put in by the team to develop the car over the winter and expressed his pride in driving it and seeing the happy faces of the team in the garage.

Gasly said he was looking forward to the launch event on Thursday and was excited about learning more about the car during the upcoming testing.

The trouble-free test drive of the A523 was a positive step for Alpine as they seek to consolidate their fourth-place finish in the Constructors’ championship from last season and narrow the large gap to the top three teams.

The new all-French driver pairing of Gasly and Ocon is expected to make Alpine’s lineup one of the more intriguing on the grid to follow throughout the year, especially given the two drivers’ history of not having a cordial relationship.

Alpine’s preparations for the new Formula 1 season will ramp up next week when the team takes its new car to Bahrain for pre-season testing along with the other teams.


Gasly Ocon Alpine 2023 Gasly Ocon Alpine 2023


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