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Wolff – Mercedes livery is a return to black for technical reasons



WOLFF Mercedes livery black

Mercedes’ team principal, Toto Wolff, has provided an explanation for the team’s decision to adopt a black livery for the 2023 season.

Before the 2020 season, which began in early July due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mercedes revealed a black livery for their W11.

At that time, the decision to adopt a black livery was made as a symbol of solidarity against racism and discrimination, and as a commitment to enhancing the diversity of the team.

Mercedes maintained the black color scheme throughout the 2021 season, but they reverted to silver for the following year.

In this instance, the choice to switch back to black is primarily based on technical reasons.

Wolff stated, “Last year, we had issues with exceeding the weight limit. Therefore, this year we aimed to identify areas where we could save every possible gram. Hence, history is repeating itself, and we have gone back to black for technical purposes.”

Wolff added, “If you observe closely, the car has some unpainted carbon fiber parts, while some others are coated with a matte black finish, and this has enabled us to save some weight.”


Wolff also noted, “While our decision to change the livery in 2020 was primarily driven by our support for diversity and equality, which are causes that we deeply care about.”

He further stated, “The color black became an integral part of our identity during that time, and we are delighted to be returning to it once again.”

Wolff also expressed, “We had a black car two years ago, and it just clicked for us. It’s fantastic to be able to repeat that experience.”

Regarding the performance of the W14 E Performance, Wolff commented, “Will the car be as fast as it appears? I certainly hope so, but the excitement of getting the car on track is palpable.”

In addition to the change in livery, other measures to reduce weight include a lighter chassis. The team has also made significant alterations to the front suspension geometry, cooling system, and aerodynamics of the car.

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WOLFF Mercedes livery black WOLFF Mercedes livery black



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