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Hamilton warns F1 rivals



Hamilton warns F1 rivals

As he begins his 17th season in F1, Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, is of the opinion that he can still enhance his performance.

In 2023, Hamilton aims to secure his eighth championship title, setting a new record and surpassing Michael Schumacher’s achievement.

In 2022, at 37 years of age, Hamilton experienced his most challenging season yet, as he did not secure any victories or pole positions, resulting in a disappointing sixth-place finish in the drivers’ championship.

Despite facing difficulties in the past year, and having achieved great success throughout his career, Hamilton maintains his high level of motivation.

During the unveiling of Mercedes’ F1 2023 car, Hamilton expressed his thoughts, stating that after being a part of the team for an extended period, he believes it’s the collective energy of everyone in the team that makes a difference.

Hamilton also conveyed his enthusiasm for being part of a team with a shared objective, expressing his love for racing, which he believes is ingrained in his DNA, and his enduring belief that there’s always room for improvement.



“It brings me immense joy to collaborate with a team that shares a unified objective. My passion for racing remains unwavering and deeply ingrained in my identity. I maintain a perpetual belief in my ability to improve.”

Hamilton’s current contract with Mercedes expires at the end of this year, but he has frequently communicated his intention to continue his partnership with the team even after 2023.

As Mercedes sets its sights on reclaiming its title-winning form with the W14, Hamilton is eagerly anticipating the challenge that lies ahead.

He also expressed his enthusiasm for the challenge, relishing the mental and physical demands of pushing himself and the team to new heights, as well as the constantly evolving nature of the car, requiring a deep dive to extract optimal performance.

“The challenge of racing captivates me, both mentally and physically. It requires a thorough examination of oneself and those around you to push beyond limits and achieve optimal performance. The constant evolution of the car adds to this challenge and motivates me to continually strive for better results.”

Hamilton further emphasized his passion for the sport, noting the ever-evolving nature of the car and the tools available, as well as his excitement in adapting to new log books. He concluded by stating his intention to continue competing for the foreseeable future.

“The ever-evolving nature of the car and the continual introduction of new tools and log books each year intrigue me. I find this dynamic environment fascinating and enjoyable, and it fuels my desire to remain in the racing world for a while longer.”



Hamilton warns F1 rivals Hamilton warns F1 rivals

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