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Hamilton Defies FIA Ban on F1 Drivers’ Freedom of Speech



Hamilton Defies FIA F1

Despite an apparent ban on freedom of speech within F1 by the sport’s governing body, the FIA, Lewis Hamilton has pledged to continue expressing his opinions and thoughts, defying their restrictions.

In December, the FIA made a controversial decision to revise its International Sporting Code, which requires drivers to obtain written consent before making any personal, religious, or political statements or comments.

The drivers have responded with a unified condemnation of this decision, expressing their outrage and dissent.

F1 CEO and President, Stefano Domenicali, has shown his support for the drivers’ position by affirming that the organization would never attempt to silence anyone.


The matter is scheduled to be discussed during the upcoming F1 Commission meeting, and there is mounting pressure on FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem to provide clarification on his stance regarding the issue.

Hamilton has been a prominent advocate for issues such as diversity and inclusion, and has openly spoken out against injustices in certain countries during F1 events. Despite the ban on free speech, he is determined to continue expressing his views and has made it clear that he will not be silenced.

Hamilton shared his thoughts on the FIA rule during the launch of Mercedes’ new 2023 challenger, stating that he was not surprised by the decision.


“No matter what, I will continue to express my thoughts and feelings about the topics that I am enthusiastic about and the problems that exist.”

Hamilton further emphasized that he will not be deterred from speaking out on issues that he is passionate about, despite the FIA’s attempt to restrict his freedom of speech.

“In my opinion, the sports world has an ongoing obligation to use its platform to raise awareness and shed light on significant issues.”

Hamilton also believes that the sport has a responsibility to speak out on important issues and create awareness, and that this responsibility should not be stifled by restrictions on free speech.

“Especially because we are visiting various locations, it becomes apparent that things remain unchanged.”

Given that the sport travels to various locations around the world, Hamilton believes that it is especially important to continue speaking out on these issues, and that the recent ban on free speech will not alter his approach.

Currently, the revised International Sporting Code does not specify the type of punishment that the FIA would impose for any future violations of the code.


Lando Norris, a driver for McLaren, has indicated that he is willing to accept any potential fines imposed by the FIA for speaking out on issues he is passionate about, as long as he can continue to do so.

While Hamilton is determined to continue speaking his mind, he also acknowledges that there has to be a limit, and if the FIA were to punish drivers by deducting points from their standing, this would be a cause for concern.

Despite the challenges posed by the ban on free speech, Hamilton has taken comfort in the fact that the drivers have shown a united front, and that Domenicali has expressed his support for their stance.

Hamilton emphasized that he would not want to receive penalty points for expressing his views, as that would defeat the purpose of having the freedom of speech.

Despite the potential consequences, Hamilton reiterated that he is committed to speaking his mind and expressing his opinions on important issues.

Hamilton believes that as drivers, they still have a platform and an obligation to address important issues that need to be addressed.

Hamilton expressed his appreciation for the support he and the other drivers have received from Stefano Domenicali, which he considers to be invaluable.


“However, the encouragement and assistance provided by Stefano have been incredible.”

Hamilton noted that all the drivers have been in agreement regarding the importance of free speech and the need to protect it.

“It seems that all the drivers share a common view when it comes to freedom of speech.”

Hamilton Defies FIA F1 Hamilton Defies FIA F1


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