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Ferrari overhauls their 2023 F1



Ferrari overhauls 2023 F1

In 2023, Ferrari overhauled their F1 car with a complete redesign.

According to the chief designer of the team, Ferrari’s 2023 F1 car is a “complete redesign” compared to its previous version.

On Tuesday morning, Ferrari unveiled their SF-23 challenger at their Fiorano test facility, which was later driven on the track by Charles Leclerc.

With further aerodynamic enhancements, the Italian team aims to improve on the success of their previous F1-75 car, which won four races and secured 12 pole positions last year.

The design of the front-end of the SF-23 has been a major focus of the team.

According to Enrico Cardile, Ferrari’s head of chassis, the 2023 car is an evolution of last year’s model, but in actuality, it has undergone a complete redesign.

In terms of aerodynamics, the team had two objectives: to compensate for the downforce loss caused by the new regulations and to achieve the targeted balance characteristics.


The suspension of the car has undergone a complete overhaul, with the goal of aiding the aerodynamic team to attain their objectives and improving the car’s adjustability during track sessions.

Due to the cost cap imposed by F1, the number of components carried over from the 2022 car is double that of a car constructed under previous regulations, according to Cardile.

Despite the increased number of carried-over components, significant alterations have been made to the bodywork, front wing, and suspension, with the bodywork being termed “more extreme” by Cardile.

“The most noticeable alterations in the car are in the front suspension area, where we have shifted from a high track rod configuration to a low track rod configuration to meet the demands of the aerodynamic team,” Cardile stated.

Cardile added that the front wing and nose construction are also distinct from the previous model, with the primary element now floating instead of being linked to the nose.

According to Cardile, while the bodywork is more of an evolution from last year’s design, it is now more extreme in nature.

Ferrari overhauls 2023 F1 Ferrari overhauls 2023 F1



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