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Inspired by Red Bull Sidepods, McLaren Unveils 2023 F1 Car



Inspired by Red Bull Sidepods McLaren Unveils 2023 F1 Car

McLaren unveils its 2023 Formula One vehicle featuring sidepods reminiscent of those seen on Red Bull racing cars.

McLaren has introduced its 2023 Formula One car with a sidepod design reminiscent of Red Bull, making it the most noticeable aspect of the car’s launch specification.

The MCL60, the 2023 car from McLaren, was unveiled for the first time on Monday at the McLaren Technology Centre. The name MCL60 pays homage to the 60th anniversary of the team’s establishment by Bruce McLaren.

The MCL60, to be piloted by Lando Norris and new driver Oscar Piastri, primarily resembles the car specification that the team ended the 2022 season with.

Similar to Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri, and Williams, McLaren has attempted to create additional space around the front of its sidepods and floor inlets, adopting the design of the Red Bull RB18 which was the standout car in the 2022 Formula One season.

Additionally, McLaren’s design has undergone modifications to the floor fences that channel air to the car’s underfloor and around its sidepods.

McLaren emphasized that the car unveiled at the team’s launch is unlikely to undergo significant changes before the Bahrain pre-season test, which is scheduled from February 23 to 25.


According to new team principal Andrea Stella, modifications to the car are expected to be made during the fourth round of the season, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which takes place at the end of April.

Andrea Stella was cautious about McLaren’s starting performance, acknowledging that there are some design aspects that the team is behind on and adopting a “realistic” outlook. However, he stated that the planned updates should enhance the team’s competitiveness.

Last year, McLaren dropped from fourth to fifth place in the constructors’ championship, trailing behind Alpine, and is expected to face tougher competition from teams such as Aston Martin in the upcoming season.

Stella expressed McLaren’s goal to “establish ourselves as part of the top four” during 2023, indicating that the team does not anticipate starting the season in that position. Aston Martin will unveil its 2023 car later on Monday, further adding to the fierce competition in the midfield.

According to Stella, “We are realistic in the short term. There are already good developments in the pipeline that should arrive at the track soon in the season. This should allow us to make a decent step forward, but we are not naive.”

Stella added, “We know that pretty much everything will remain the same with ongoing developments, and we will also be adding some high-level development.”

McLaren’s new wind tunnel is expected to become operational during 2023, but it is not expected to have a significant impact on the development of the MCL60.


Sidepods McLaren 2023 F1 Sidepods McLaren 2023 F1


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