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Kiz Kent’s initial thoughts on the Williams F1 2023



initial Williams F1 2023

Kiz Kent’s initial observations on the Williams F1 2023 are limited to the images released by the team, which may not provide a comprehensive view of the car’s features and capabilities.

Based on the images released by Williams, the FW45 seems to incorporate design elements from both the Ferrari and Red Bull cars from 2022, reflecting a common trend in the industry towards a convergence of designs.

However, it is important to note that these similarities in appearance do not necessarily extend to the underlying technology and engineering of the car. There may be significant differences in the mechanical and aerodynamic systems, even if they are not immediately apparent from the outside.

Ken has pointed out specific design changes in the Williams FW45 that align with trends seen in the Ferrari and Red Bull cars, with changes influenced by Ferrari marked in red and those influenced by Red Bull marked in magenta.

Ken has highlighted a potential feature of the Williams FW45, marked by a light blue ellipse, which appears to be a small side diffuser. The images released by Williams are not entirely clear, but this design element could potentially improve the performance of the front corner of the floor, assuming it is both legal and not a decorative element without function.

initial thoughts on the Williams F1 2023

Kiz has marked a feature of the Williams FW45 with a green mark, which shows the letterbox-style rear radiator exit. He notes that, interestingly, the team has not included louvres on the top surface of the bathtub-shaped sidepod, as of yet.

Kiz Kent has marked the suspension system of the Williams FW45 in yellow, indicating that the team has opted for a pullrod rear suspension and a pushrod front suspension.

initial thoughts on the Williams F1 2023

Kiz cautions that a more comprehensive understanding of the Williams FW45’s design and performance will require additional images and information, particularly from the running tests being conducted at Silverstone today.

Kiz Kent’sinitial assessment is that the Williams FW45 appears to be a strong foundation for the upcoming season. However, the true measure of the car’s success will be determined by whether it meets its design objectives and results in improved performance, rather than its appearance. To be competitive in the midfield, the team will need to make significant progress from its performance in 2022.


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