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Not wise – F1 CEO Domenicali responds to andretti’s criticism



F1 CEO Domenicali

According to Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, it was unwise of Michael Andretti to label the current Formula 1 teams as “greedy.”

Michael Andretti criticized the lack of enthusiasm shown by the Formula 1 teams towards his repeated attempts to join the F1 grid, the most recent of which involves a collaboration with General Motors’ Cadillac brand.

Michael Andretti stated that the teams’ lack of support was driven by greed and self-interest. These comments were made after FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem expressed sympathy towards Andretti’s bid, which had received a negative response. In turn, Andretti praised Ben Sulayem as a true racing enthusiast who understands the situation.

It has been stated by the governing body that Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s departure from direct involvement in Formula 1 was a previously planned move.

Martin Brundle of Sky Sports F1 asked Stefano Domenicali about the Andretti-Cadillac bid and the Andretti brothers’ (Mario and Michael) criticism of what they perceived as an unjustly negative response to their proposal.

Domenicali told Brundle, “We are open to welcoming anyone who can bring value to the racing.”

Domenicali stated, “I believe we should respect everyone. Teams like Mario and Michael Andretti are very vocal about their desire to enter Formula 1, but in my opinion, it’s not wise to accuse other teams of greed.”


Domenicali added, “There are also other teams who are less vocal about their desire to join Formula 1, so there is a process to be respected, and we will work with the FIA to ensure that the process is followed properly.”

Domenicali continued, “There are many factors to take into account and we shouldn’t overreact because someone is putting pressure on the system.”


Domenicali concluded, “The process will be carried out seriously and properly, regardless of whether someone is making a lot of noise or not.”

As of now, Andretti-Cadillac is the only team that has publicly declared its interest in joining Formula 1.

Teams that are interested have until February 17th to declare their interest and until April 30th to submit a formal application.

This is not the first time that Stefano Domenicali has hinted that Andretti’s outspoken approach might not be the most effective way of joining the Formula 1 grid.

Domenicali stated last August, “The evaluation is not only for Andretti, it is also for others who are either respecting the confidentiality or trying to be more productive in showcasing who they are, while respecting the protocols that we have established.” This was prior to Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s official announcement that the FIA would begin the process of accepting new Formula 1 teams.


Despite Mohammed Ben Sulayem stepping back from direct involvement in Formula 1 due to recent controversies, Stefano Domenicali anticipates remaining in communication with Ben Sulayem on Formula 1 related matters.

Domenicali explained, “With Mohammed Ben Sulayem becoming the new president last year, it was clear that, as is typical when there is a new president, he has a manifesto to follow, as that was his proposal to the members who voted for him. Then there is a need and time to make adjustments.”

Domenicali added, “It’s no secret that the key to the success of our sport is for everyone to do their job properly for the growth of the sport. We all have a vested interest in ensuring that the sport continues to grow.”

Domenicali concluded, “We are all united. If someone is not fulfilling their responsibilities, it will create problems.”

Stefano Domenicali also addressed the new rules regarding drivers making political statements, which have been introduced for the 2023 season.

The new rules prohibit “the making and display of political, religious, and personal statements or comments that go against the principle of neutrality promoted by the FIA in its statutes.” Such statements or comments will only be allowed if the driver has received written approval from the FIA or the relevant national authority.

Domenicali emphasized that the changes are about respect and reiterated his previous statement to The Guardian that the new rules would not prevent drivers from speaking out about issues they consider important.


Domenicali told Sky, “We were the ones who initiated the WeRaceAsOne initiative to start a discussion and use our platform in the right way. I don’t believe it’s about preventing drivers from communicating with the community, it’s about respect.”

Domenicali continued, “What I don’t like is when someone wants to say something to attack someone else. That is not acceptable. There must also be respect for the partners you are working with. A balance must be struck.”

Domenicali added, “No one will put any barriers on speaking out, unless it becomes political, since we are in a sporting environment. However, bringing attention to important issues that are currently being discussed is not a problem in my opinion, and I’m confident that the FIA shares this view.”

Domenicali expects that the new rules will not result in any changes from what Formula 1 and its drivers have already been doing.

F1 CEO Domenicali F1 CEO Domenicali F1 CEO Domenicali


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