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AlphaTauri AT04 2023 – A Subtle Shift with Significant Impact



AlphaTauri AT04 2023

Although the visual design of AlphaTauri’s AT04 for the 2023 Formula 1 season appears to be nearly identical to last year’s, there may be a significant difference to note.

While it is uncertain based on the computer-generated images available, the front axle line of the car appears to have been shifted forward in profile view. This could indicate that AlphaTauri did not utilize the maximum allowed wheelbase in the previous season.

This shift could be significant because it addresses a key issue that technical director Jody Egginton highlighted as a limitation of last year’s car. He noted that the car was challenging to balance and moving the front axle line forward was a desired change to address this issue.

Achieving a stable balance between the car’s entry and mid-corner phases was a major struggle, a problem that was not unique to AlphaTauri’s AT03 under the new aerodynamics regulations of the previous season. However, this trait had a particularly negative impact on the AT03, causing frequent frustration for driver Pierre Gasly.

When discussing the design plans for this year’s car, Egginton stated: “We are considering moving the front suspension forward as it has a significant impact on aerodynamics. The budget cap requires us to focus on areas where we can get the most value and it’s important to ensure that we make changes to structural parts that have a significant impact on aerodynamics.”

AlphaTauri AT04 2023 - A Subtle Shift with Significant Impact

Given that the placement of the radiator inlets and floor on the AT04 appear to be unchanged in relation to the cockpit, the only way to alter the space between the floor inlet and front axle would be to move the axle forward.

The computer-generated images appear to show a slightly increased gap between the front axle line and the cockpit. This could, in theory, provide more room for the airflow around the front wheels to align with the floor inlets, resulting in a more consistent flow to the underfloor. This, in turn, could offer a greater range of possibilities in terms of car behavior during different phases of a corner and corners with varying speeds.


Could this alteration be the crucial factor that transforms the team’s underwhelming performance in 2022 and brings back the impressive and unexpected victories seen in 2020?

AlphaTauri AT04 2023 AlphaTauri AT04 2023


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