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2023 Formula One car launch update



2023 Formula One car launch update

The highly anticipated second half of the 2023 Formula One team launch season starts this Saturday with the unveiling of the 2023 Haas followed by AlphaTauri’s event in New York.

Haas has already unveiled its new Moneygram-sponsored color scheme for its 2022 car, marking the start of the teams’ launches in January.

Haas’s 2023 car will make its debut on a filming day at Silverstone on Saturday, with the team planning to release images from the event. Nico Hulkenberg has teased the car’s arrival with a group photo on social media.

Following Haas, AlphaTauri will reveal its 2023 concept car. Like Red Bull, AlphaTauri is hosting an event in New York to showcase its new season livery. The livery will be revealed at 5:30 PM local time as part of a fashion event, and images of the 2023 AlphaTauri car will also be made available online simultaneously.

Monday will be a busy day with several events taking place. Williams, which has already had a livery-only launch, will test its new car at Silverstone. Meanwhile, both Aston Martin and McLaren will reveal their new cars through media events at their respective headquarters.

On Monday, the public can expect to see the new McLaren MCL60, which is named in honor of Bruce McLaren’s 60th anniversary of founding the company, at around 5:30 PM UK time. The Aston Martin AMR23 will be revealed soon after 7 PM.

Aston Martin’s Deputy Technical Director, Eric Blandin, has emphasized that the car that will be revealed at their new factory in Silverstone on February 13th will be the actual AMR23, and not just a show car. He stated, “We’re not going to disappoint fans.”


Ferrari has scheduled its car launch for the morning of February 14th. The event will be held at their Maranello headquarters, marking the first full-scale launch, as opposed to an online stream, since the 2020 unveiling in a theater.

On the following day, Mercedes will unveil the W15 through a launch stream, followed by a shakedown run and interviews that will be released throughout the day.

Alpine will reveal its new car, the A523, on February 16th through an evening event in London. This will complete the set of launches, although the public will have to wait until the first day of pre-season testing in Bahrain, one week later, to see all the 2023 cars in action.

Red Bull has already held a launch event with a car that they have admitted will not closely resemble the actual RB19, as well as a secretive shakedown. Alfa Romeo has also launched and tested its car, providing a clearer view of it compared to Red Bull.

Here are the remaining 2023 Formula One launch dates:

  • AlphaTauri – February 11 (10.30pm)
  • McLaren – February 13 (5.30pm)
  • Aston Martin – February 13 (7pm)
  • Ferrari – February 14 (10.25am)
  • Mercedes – February 15 (9.15am)
  • Alpine – February 16 (8pm)

It’s important to note that the car reveal times are provisional and listed in UK time.


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