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Bottas feels more involved at Alfa Romeo F1



Bottas Alfa Romeo F1

Valtteri Bottas has a stronger sense of involvement with Alfa Romeo compared to his previous Formula One teams.

Bottas perceives that his role at Alfa Romeo has been more hands-on and integrated compared to his experiences at Mercedes or Williams in the earlier stages of his Formula One career.

Valtteri Bottas transferred to Alfa Romeo, which is run by Sauber, prior to the start of the 2022 season. He was the more seasoned driver, partnered with newcomer Zhou Guanyu.

Despite a strong beginning to the year, Alfa Romeo’s performance declined, but they were still able to secure 6th place in the overall standings.

Bottas states that he has been an integral part of the conversations regarding the 2023 car, with the aim of improving upon the previous year’s results.

“The experience has been noteworthy, in this outfit, I sense that my role is unique compared to my previous experiences in Formula 1.”

“There’s more communication, more information is being shared with me, and the work began early last year. I did my best to provide all of my previous experience and technical expertise, and the work continues.”

Bottas Alfa Romeo F1

“Regardless of any imbalance in the vehicle, we always provide our feedback to the best of our ability. Whenever I visit the plant, I prefer to keep updated on the advancements being made. If I ever have any ideas or questions, I can ask and we communicate. The team is very open and I love to have as much knowledge as possible about all the aspects of the new car.”

“I think it’s fair to acknowledge that the direction of our setup and the enhancement of the car’s balance throughout last year has been on the right track, and that work continues.”

“We’ll see with the new car, hopefully, everything will be even better in those regards, and we’ll keep working hard.”

Bottas has high hopes for the new Alfa Romeo as it takes its first laps during a shakedown in Barcelona on Friday. He aims to maintain the level of excellence that was observed at the beginning of last year.

“We aim for improvement, plain and simple. We must aim for higher achievements, as a team and individually.”

“We must continually improve, that’s what motivates us. We expect better consistency, more points, and improved results. But how to get there is the challenging part, and it comes from all the little details and working closely as a team.”

Bottas Alfa Romeo F1 Bottas Alfa Romeo F1



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