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Audi sets a challenging target of being at the forefront in F1



Audi challenging F1

Adam Baker, CEO of Audi Racing, confidently stated that it is their aim to be at the front of the pack in Formula One within three years.

Audi has entered Formula One due to the implementation of new power unit regulations in 2026. The German automaker made a deal with Sauber last year, becoming the official team for the Swiss outfit.

Even though it will be three more years before Audi makes its debut in the sport, the preparation process has already begun. A new facility is being built in Neuberg, and 240 employees have been hired thus far.

However, there is a concern that the three-year timeframe may not be sufficient for Audi to establish competitiveness by 2026.

Disputing this notion, Baker from Melbourne told Bild: “We definitely won’t be bored.”

Designing a hybrid drive for Formula One is one of the biggest challenges that engineers and technicians can undertake.”

“The journey is lengthy and intricate, so it was crucial that we started the development process as soon as the engine regulations were approved last summer.”


“It becomes even more challenging with the technical regulations for the car body.”

Baker further explained the problem, saying: “We like to evaluate the power unit’s performance through lap times in the simulator, but the overall vehicle design, including both the chassis and the power unit, is crucial for this.”

“Unfortunately, we are still in the dark until the first draft is released in the summer and the final version is issued by the FIA in mid-2024. But there are still plenty of other tasks to work on until then.”

Despite Audi’s achievements in sports car racing, including winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans 13 times, Baker acknowledges that there is a “lack of expertise in developing a Formula One power unit.”

Despite the limitations faced by Audi, Baker is confident in what can be accomplished within a short period and where the company will be in 2028.

“We have to play catch-up,” Baker added. “But we have enough time and a highly experienced team to do so.”

“I’m reminded of our successful days in DTM, our participation in Formula E, or our Le Mans era.”


“However, in the first season, our primary focus will be on ensuring the highest possible level of reliability.”

Baker further stated: “We always strive to improve. Our goal is to be at the front of the pack in the third year.”

“To achieve that, we need an exceptional system. We want to demonstrate what ‘Made in Germany’ represents – a dependable power unit at the highest level.”

Audi challenging F1 Audi challenging F1


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