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Ben Sulayem transfers daily F1 responsibilities to Tombazis



Ben Sulayem transfers daily F1 responsibilities to Tombazis

In a planned transition, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has delegated the management of Formula 1 operations to Nikolas Tombazis, the single seater director.

Nikolas Tombazis was elevated to the role in January during a larger reorganization that saw the addition of Steve Nielsen from F1 as the sporting director.

This new structure provides Tombazis with a more comprehensive position, as he previously led the FIA’s Formula 1 technical team and will now handle the majority of Formula 1 issues.

With the new setup in place, Ben Sulayem will be able to direct less attention towards Formula 1 on a daily basis.

The FIA believes that this restructuring will increase efficiency, although the president will still be involved in crucial decision-making and strategic issues.

An FIA spokesperson stated: “The president’s manifesto outlined this plan prior to his election. It promised the appointment of an FIA CEO to ensure seamless operations, and to implement a new governance structure under a leadership team emphasizing transparency, democracy, and growth. These objectives, including the announcement of the revised Single-Seater Department structure, have been part of the president’s plan since the start of his term.”

The FIA spokesperson added: “The president of FIA has a broad responsibility that encompasses various aspects of global motorsport and mobility. With the restructuring of Formula 1 now complete, this move is a logical progression in the president’s role.”


Ben Sulayem’s involvement in Formula 1 during 2022 was deemed necessary as it was a transitional year after he won the FIA presidency.

However, he is now retreating from the position amid criticism from Formula 1.

Last month, the FIA World Motor Sport Council received a legal notice threatening action due to tweets from the president regarding Liberty Media’s valuation of the company.

More recently, the FIA had to defend his remarks after sexist and misogynistic statements were uncovered from an archived version of his personal website.

Ben Sulayem F1 Tombazis Ben Sulayem F1 Tombazis

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