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Aston Martin CEO hopes Vettel regrets his F1 retirement



Aston Martin CEO hopes Vettel regrets his F1 retirement

Mike Krack, the team principal of Aston Martin, wishes that Sebastian Vettel will ultimately regret his choice to retire from F1.

Sebastian Vettel, a four-time Formula One world champion, decided to bring an end to his successful F1 career in 2022 after two underwhelming seasons at Aston Martin. Fernando Alonso has taken his place for the upcoming season.

Despite a challenging year, Vettel experienced a resurgence towards the end of the 2022 season. He achieved four consecutive top-ten finishes in the final six races, capped off by qualifying for Q3 and finishing in 6th place in Japan.

When asked if he believed Vettel had returned to his best form towards the end of his last F1 season, Krack told Motorsport Magazin, “I think so. He got a taste of success.”

According to Krack, Vettel’s joy was evident during successful races in Singapore and Suzuka. He could be heard on the radio, and it was clear that he was fully engaged and back to his best.

Krack noted that Vettel was sharp and fully in the zone during the final races of the season. He believes that a car that provides Vettel with more feedback and performance motivates him even more.

Krack praised Vettel for his perseverance and exemplary behavior during a difficult year. Despite frequently being eliminated in Q1, Vettel never lost his determination and continued to support the team and his teammate, Lance. Krack says, “Hats off to him!”


Krack is pleased with Vettel’s current situation but wishes he had not decided to retire from F1. He hopes Vettel will come to regret his decision to leave.

Vettel stated that he would seriously consider making a one-time return to F1 if he was given the opportunity to race again at Suzuka. He has also been suggested as a potential future team manager.

Vettel has not ruled out the possibility of returning to motorsports, and has even hinted that he may try rally racing after taking a break.

Vettel has expressed his interest in rally racing, stating, “I have always been drawn to it for some reason.” However, he acknowledges that it presents a significant challenge as it is quite different from circuit racing. He remains unsure about it and says, “We’ll see.”

Aston Martin CEO Vettel Aston Martin CEO Vettel

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