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Alonso, once filled with hope of becoming a three-time world champion



Alonso three-time world champion

Fernando Alonso is a classic case of a driver who squandered his opportunities due to hasty and poorly considered choices. He failed to devote adequate attention to properly managing his Formula One career.

His choices and reasoning have long been perplexing, particularly in recent years. To be truthful, since his 2007 defeat by Hamilton, Alonso has struggled with ongoing depression. Observers have noticed a distinct change in his demeanor, with Alonso appearing as two distinct individuals: before and after 2007.

Alonso was incredibly talented but his prideful personality hindered his success. If he had possessed the humility and empathy of Ricciardo along with his talent, he would have achieved even more, as he was a true fighter at heart.

It takes more than just being fast or talented to succeed; one must also know how to handle relationships and maintain a positive outlook. Ultimately, everyone has their own unique character and should not be compared to others.

Fernando Alonso has not claimed a Formula 1 championship victory since 2006, and has not taken first place in a Grand Prix since 2013, however he still holds hope of becoming a three-time world champion.

Moreover, at the age of 41, and switching teams once again, this time to lead the ambitious Aston Martin project after Sebastian Vettel’s retirement, Alonso states that the only motivation for him is the notion that he can still achieve victory in Formula 1.

Some drivers persist in competing in Formula 1 even after they have passed their prime and are no longer a part of a championship-contending team or one with aspirations and adequate resources.


Alonso still has opportunities like the one presented by Aston Martin. This offers a different source of inspiration. It’s not the same repetitive narrative, he’s not just going through the motions. It sustains the aspect of him that still desires success in Formula 1 in some capacity.

“Ultimately, the drive to win the championship is what drives me every day,” Alonso stated at the end of last year.

“Therefore, I still believe that winning the third championship is a possibility, perhaps one day. Maybe not next year, but who knows what the future holds?

“And now, with the Aston Martin project, there are other attractive aspects for me, such as the opportunity to help build a team.

“Not from the ground up, as they already have a solid foundation. But I think after this year, they are aiming for much improvement in the coming seasons.”

“They have a lot of new talent in the team, along with upgraded facilities. It appears that I joined at a moment where we can work together to build something great and become world champions one day.

“I don’t know if I’ll still be driving at that point. But if not, I hope to still be involved with the organization in some capacity. And I can still take pride in the championship.


“While that outcome may never materialize, it is sufficient to keep him motivated for now.

Alonso could have continued his career with Alpine, but instead he secured a high-profile move to a team with resources that rival those of any team in Formula 1. This would have made Alonso feel valued. It’s a testament to the fact that he still holds significant influence.

Unlike other drivers who gradually decline, moving to mid-field or the back of the grid and eventually disappearing, Alonso’s narrative is likely to end on his own terms.

“No, I don’t think I will accept that,” Alonso stated at the end of last year, when asked by if he would continue in Formula 1 if he were no longer able to compete effectively.

“And I will not continue if I don’t believe that there is a chance.

“I don’t know if it’s a 1% chance or a 10% chance, but I will only continue if I believe that there is a chance.”

Alonso’s long-time friend and new Aston Martin teammate Pedro de la Rosa attributes Alonso’s longevity to an uncommon passion for motorsports.


Alonso himself says this is innate and extends beyond his career. He displays this love for racing through arrive-and-drive karting events and also through other sports like tennis.

Alonso simply states “I love racing and I hate losing.” Despite not winning a Formula 1 race in almost a decade, Alonso still holds onto the slim possibility of becoming a world champion again. However, he has also changed his perspective and how he evaluates himself and his seasons.

He is starting his first year with Aston Martin after being outperformed by Esteban Ocon at Alpine, but Alonso knows that the championship results do not accurately reflect his performance. In his opinion, he made a full comeback in 2022 after his return in the previous year left him somewhat unfulfilled.

Fernando Alonso is eager to deliver “something special” in his first year with Aston Martin, despite acknowledging that it is unrealistic to expect to close the gap to the race-winning teams.

He views the 2023 season as an opportunity to lay the foundation and baseline for future cars and to work better than other teams.

Alonso is motivated by his love for racing and hates losing. He judges his seasons based on how he feels and the level of performance he delivers, rather than the standings.

Despite this, he is confident that he is 100% back into the sport and ready to deliver his best. If he drives like he did in 2022, he is determined to continue for “two to three years, for sure”.


Alonso three-time world champion Alonso three-time world champion Alonso three-time world champion

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