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Bottas Praises Alfa Romeo’s New C43 Ahead of 2023 F1 Season



Bottas C43 2023 F1

Valtteri Bottas describes the latest Alfa Romeo C43 as magnificent as the initial 2023 Formula 1 vehicle was unveiled.

Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu unveiled the fresh Alfa vehicle at a gathering in Zurich, marking it as the first actual car to be revealed after the display of team colors from Haas, Red Bull, and Williams.

Over the winter, the squad, which ended the 2022 season in sixth place, underwent significant modifications off the track, including the departure of team manager Frederic Vasseur for Ferrari.

Andreas Seidl has taken over as the CEO of Sauber Motorsport in place of Vasseur, as the team gears up for its transition into Audi in 2026, with preparations underway for a smooth change.

The C43 will be the last car to carry the “Alfa Romeo” moniker, as the naming rights agreement with Sauber is likely to expire after the 2023 season. This agreement was established for the 2019 season.

Despite these changes, the 10-time Grand Prix champion Bottas is positively impacted by what he has viewed.

“The C43 has finally arrived and I am eager to take it for a spin,” said Bottas, a former Mercedes racer now in his second season with Alfa.


“I am a fan of our updated team colors, I believe it is magnificent and a refined progression from last year’s design,” Bottas stated.

“Our first season together was intriguing, we made some considerable advancements and now there’s only room for growth, improvement and excellence,” Bottas stated.

“There are still challenges to overcome and aspects to refine, but I have faith in our ability to aim for even greater accomplishments this season,” Bottas expressed.

“I am eagerly awaiting the start of the racing season, I am fully energized and ready to commence the new season,” Bottas declared.

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Bottas clocked 2,000 kilometers on his bicycle

Valtteri Bottas admitted to logging 2,000 kilometers on his bicycle during his winter training in Australia and New Zealand, which he claims has left him in top physical condition for his second Formula 1 season with Alfa Romeo.

At the launch of the full-spec Alfa Romeo C43, unlike the prior unveiling of Haas, Red Bull, and Williams team livery, host Tom Clarkson jokingly presented Bottas as “still resembling an Australian Rules Footballer” with his “unkempt hair and mustache”.


During the Formula 1 off-season, Bottas actively shared on social media about his experience in South Australia, particularly the Barossa Valley, including participating in a criterium race around Glenelg on December 26th.

The 10-time Grand Prix champion is eager to commence the new season, having completed what he considers an “essential mental and physical recharge” prior to a historic 23-race schedule.

“I am brimming with energy and eager to get started,” stated Bottas.

“Drivers continue to gain self-awareness year after year. You discover what helps maintain physical and mental fitness, and also what methods work best for stress relief, such as specific activities,” Bottas explained.

“In terms of physical fitness, based on the data, I am at my peak – at least in terms of cycling. But as the season approaches, I have begun doing more driving-specific training in the gym, etcetera,” Bottas added.

“Regarding my fitness, I feel prepared,” Bottas concluded.

Bottas C43 2023 F1 Bottas C43 2023 F1


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