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Sargeant thinks he’s “too ready” for his first F1 season with Williams



Sargeant F1 season Williams

Logan Sargeant thinks he’s “too ready” for his first Formula 1 season with Williams.

Together with Alex Albon, Sargeant revealed the design of the FW45, although only its livery, as the car won’t hit the track until its test run at Silverstone on February 15.

The 21-year-old faces high expectations as he begins his first season in F1 as the first American driver in the sport since Alexander Rossi in 2015 and the first full-time American driver since Scott Speed in 2007.

After obtaining his super license in November following the final F2 race in Abu Dhabi, Sargeant feels prepared for the pre-season test in Bahrain on February 23-25 and then the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 3-5.

“I’ve been doing all I can to be in the best shape possible for the season,” Sargeant told media including

“I almost feel like I’m over-prepared, as we’ve done so much preparation off the track,” said Sargeant.

“Now it’s time to put all that preparation into action. I’m eager to start in Bahrain and get going. I feel like the off-season has been long,” said Sargeant.


Sargeant focuses on gym and simulator work with Williams.

Sargeant’s preparation for Williams started with the post-season test in Abu Dhabi where he started learning various procedures and systems.

Talking about his main focus during the winter after the Abu Dhabi test, Sargeant said: “Abu Dhabi was a great chance for me.”

“It went very well and I was able to identify what I need to improve on. It provided me with a strong foundation for the off-season,” Sargeant added.

I had a break, but at the same time, I’ve been working out non-stop in the gym as these cars are much more physically demanding than what I was previously accustomed to.

My primary focus has been on mastering the physical demands of the car, and once that was achieved, I’ve been putting in hard work in the simulator, refining the setup for the current year.

I have worked to resolve all the details, and I feel well prepared and ready to start.


Considering that Williams finished last in the constructors’ standings for the fourth time in five years, Sargeant is cautious about setting specific goals for himself.

Sargeant stated, “I’m extremely thrilled to have the chance to compete in Formula 1, just to be in this position is a dream come true.”

Sargeant believes that the pressure will increase as they approach the first race, but for now, his focus is solely on preparing himself as thoroughly as possible in order to be ready.

Sargeant is putting in a lot of effort in the simulator, striving to master it and ultimately position the team for success when they start testing the car in real life.

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Sargeant thinks he’s “too ready” for his first F1 season with Williams Sargeant thinks he’s “too ready” for his first F1 season with Williams