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Drivers “all worried” by FIA’s crackdown on speech – Albon



Drivers all worried by FIA s crackdown on speech Albon

Alex Albon expresses that the drivers have “universal worry” about the FIA’s recent alteration to the International Sporting Code (ISC), as it will necessitate the governing body’s endorsement for selected declarations to be made.

With the inclusion of this clause in the ISC, the FIA possesses the power to impose sporting penalties on drivers and teams for any unapproved “political, religious, and personal statements or comments” that are made or displayed.

Albon says that the drivers appear to be concerned about this change, as Formula 1 is known for supporting drivers in using their platforms as they deem fit.

“To be frank, I haven’t had extensive discussions with the other drivers about this,” Albon stated. “But I believe we’re all worried. It seems that Formula 1 and the FIA are trying to align their communication. Currently, there is a slight lack of clarity between them.”

Albon also wants the FIA to clarify the reason for including this topic in the ISC and what the actual impact will be on freedom of speech.

“One of my primary concerns is gaining a clearer understanding of the situation,” Albon stated. “The subject matter is quite broad, encompassing political beliefs and opinions, which are delicate topics. Thus, we need the FIA to provide us with clear guidelines. From a personal perspective, the situation is somewhat unclear.”

“Our stance towards programs like ‘We Race As One’ was highly favorable, yet it seems that Formula 1 or the FIA may be veering away from this mindset. It’s important that we pay close attention to the developments in the future.”


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“It’s evident that we need to engage in open communication about their intentions. However, we also need some degree of freedom to express ourselves. Hopefully, we will have a better understanding of their regulations and what they aim to achieve in the near future.”

“Given our identity and the media exposure and interaction with our fans, many individuals view us as representatives for global issues. I believe it is a duty for drivers to educate and raise awareness about these kinds of situations.”

“It’s a complicated issue. As drivers, it’s difficult to comprehend their message. However, we’ll wait and see.”

Drivers worried FIA speech Drivers worried FIA speech

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