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Six manufacturers join F1’s 2026 engine rules



Six manufacturers join F1 2026 engine rules

Six manufacturers have agreed to the new engine regulations for F1 in 2026.

The FIA has declared that six manufacturers, including the newly established Red Bull-Ford alliance, have enrolled as power unit suppliers for Formula 1 for the period of 2026-2030.

Alpine/Renault, Audi, Ferrari, Honda, and Mercedes have signed up, as previously reported, with Honda confirming their registration last month.

Previously, Red Bull Powertrains had registered individually, but it is now listed under the moniker “Red Bull Ford.”

While registered as “Alpine Racing,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that the French automaker will stop using the Renault moniker as its power unit label. The engine still carried the Renault designation when the factory team was renamed to align with the company’s sports brand in 2021. The 2026 power unit registration may simply reflect that the company responsible for engine work at the Viry-Chatillon facility is called Alpine Racing.

Signing up is not a legally binding commitment to participate. While five of the manufacturers have confirmed their involvement in Formula One for 2026, with Sauber serving as the official Audi team, Honda’s future remains uncertain.

Honda will continue collaborating with RBPT to supply engines to Red Bull until the end of 2025, but its role in Formula One beyond that is uncertain. It is reported to be evaluating its options for 2026 and beyond, after the possibility of continuing its partnership with Red Bull failed to materialize, possibly due to a lack of interest in contributing to only the hybrid aspect of the project or Red Bull’s preference for Ford as a partner.


Porsche, which is still considering its involvement in Formula One after its failed attempt to purchase half of Red Bull Technology last year, has not signed up. However, it is believed that this does not necessarily rule out the possibility of their involvement in some capacity for 2026.

“The announcement that six power unit manufacturers will be competing in Formula 1 starting in 2026 demonstrates the championship’s strength and the well-crafted technical regulations developed by the FIA in conjunction with Formula 1 and the power unit manufacturers,” said FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

“The power unit is a leader in technological advancement, ensuring the future of Formula 1 is sustainable while preserving its exciting racing experience.”

“I am thankful for the trust shown by the world-renowned automotive manufacturers in their commitment to Formula 1.”

Formula One will implement new power units in 2026, featuring increased energy recovery systems with a capacity of 350kW, up from the current 120kW. The MGU-H will be eliminated. The power units will run on 100% sustainable and synthetic fuels.

These power units will drive vehicles built to comply with new technical regulations that include adjustable aerodynamics to decrease drag, as part of the efforts to achieve the three key objectives of the new regulations.

Six manufacturers F1 2026 Six manufacturers F1 2026


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