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Red Bull and Ford F1 Partnership Unveiled – Implications Explained



Red Bull and Ford F1 Partnership Unveiled - Implications Explained

Red Bull’s two Formula 1 teams have announced they will be using engines with the Ford branding from 2026, following a collaboration between American manufacturer Ford and Red Bull Powertrains. The partnership was officially revealed after news of it leaked the day before.

Red Bull has decided to use engines with the Ford name, after considering options with Porsche and Honda. The engines, used by Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri, will have technical contributions from Ford as well.

A “strategic partnership” has been announced with Ford offering expertise in various areas, including battery cell and electric motor technology, power unit control software and analytics, as well as combustion engine development.

Ford’s return to Formula 1 and its partnership with Red Bull were disclosed prior to the reveal of Red Bull’s 2023 F1 car, the RB19, in New York.

The partnership reunites two organizations with a shared Formula 1 history. In 1995, Red Bull owned a majority stake in Sauber, which was then Ford’s works team. Later, Red Bull purchased the Ford-owned Jaguar team, leading to the creation of current Red Bull Racing.

Red Bull established a new division to construct its own Formula 1 engine for the first time, as part of its preparations for life after current partner Honda. Honda officially withdrew from F1 in 2021 and will be supporting Red Bull until the end of the current engine regulations in 2025.

F1 Red Bull-Ford agreement is expected

Significant investments have been made into the new Powertrains facility at Red Bull’s Milton Keynes campus, which is equipped to construct the combustion engine but is expected to require outside support for the hybrid system.


According to Ford, they will have direct involvement beyond simple branding, as has been the case in the past for Red Bull with companies like Tag Heuer and Aston Martin, who used Renault engines.

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The partnership with Red Bull Powertrains presented Ford with an opportunity to be centrally involved in and contribute to a Formula 1 project, without the need for incurring the expenses or acquiring the expertise to go solo.

For Red Bull, this partnership strengthens its Powertrains division with added financial and marketing power, through collaboration with a well-known global manufacturer with a significant presence in the United States, where Formula 1 has seen significant growth in recent years.

Red Bull Powertrains was never expected to rely on a partnership with an automotive manufacturer, however, discussions were held with Porsche and Honda before reaching an agreement with Ford.

According to Team Principal Christian Horner, collaborating with an Original Equipment Manufacturer would be acceptable as long as it is on Red Bull’s terms. Ford seems to have fulfilled these terms by making both a financial commitment and a technical contribution, while allowing Red Bull to maintain ultimate control.

In contrast, Porsche aimed to acquire a stake in Red Bull’s Formula 1 operation, while Honda’s offer of hybrid-only input was deemed insufficient. Additionally, Honda had not yet made a decision to return to F1, despite registering its interest in the 2026 regulations with the FIA.


Red Bull Ford F1 Partnership Red Bull Ford F1 Partnership

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