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Ford announces its return to Formula One in 2026



Ford announces its return to Formula One in 2026

Ford has declared its comeback to Formula One in 2026, with a rumored engine program in partnership with Red Bull set to be unveiled soon.

Cosworth-designed engines carrying Ford’s name were utilized in Formula One for approximately 40 years, starting from Ford’s debut in 1963.

Ford, with its record of 176 wins, 13 drivers’ championships, and 10 constructors’ world titles, is one of the most successful engine manufacturers in F1 history. However, it has been absent from the grid since 2004.

The last season of Ford’s involvement in Formula One was before it sold its F1 team, Jaguar, to Red Bull and Cosworth Racing, which continued supplying to other teams.

Ford’s return to Formula One in 2026, in partnership with Red Bull, will bring an end to an absence of over two decades. This was leaked on Thursday.

Ford has been considering a possible Formula One program for a few months, motivated by the growth of F1 in the US and the 2026 engine regulations that emphasize “100% sustainable fuels” and a significant increase in the electrical component of the engine to nearly 50%.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali stated that the drive towards sustainable fuels and the goal of achieving “net zero carbon” by 2030 were significant factors in Ford’s decision to return to Formula One.


Although interested, Ford was not inclined to establish its own Formula One team, either by investing in an existing one or starting one anew, nor was it ready to undertake a unique engine project like Audi has done.

It is expected that Ford has reached an agreement with Red Bull Powertrains, Red Bull’s new internal engine facility established for its post-Honda future after 2025.

Red Bull has equipped its Powertrains division to manufacture a complete V6 turbo-hybrid Formula One engine and is open to collaborating with an automotive manufacturer.

Discussions took place with Porsche and Honda, but Ford became the front-runner by the end of last year.

Ford’s announcement precedes the upcoming launch of Red Bull’s 2023 Formula One car in New York, which is expected to be followed by the confirmation of the partnership between Red Bull and Ford in 2026.

It is probable that Ford has acquired the naming rights to Red Bull Powertrains, but sources suggest that it intends to make a meaningful technical contribution to the 2026 project, likely in the area of hybrid technology.

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