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FIA seeks up to 2 new F1 teams for 2025



FIA seeks up to 2 new F1 teams for 2025

The FIA has initiated an effort to identify up to two new F1 teams to join the sport as soon as 2025.

The FIA has initiated a search for up to two new teams to participate in Formula One starting from 2025 and plans to announce its decision on the successful applicants by June 30th.

Last month, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem stated his desire for the governing body to initiate the formal process of searching for potential new teams in Formula One.

The search for new Formula One teams has now commenced with the FIA issuing a request for expressions of interest, with the goal of finding “one or more” teams to participate starting in the 2025, 2026, or 2027 season.

The current number of teams allowed in Formula One is capped at 12 under the terms of the Concorde Agreement, the commercial contract between the teams and F1, which is valid until the end of 2025.

FIA seeks up to 2 new F1 teams for 2025

The selection process, which starts with prospective teams submitting a preliminary expression of interest through an initial application for a fee of $20,000, will prioritize “the overall long-term interests of the championship”.

In the initial application, the applicant must demonstrate that a company has been established, including details of its headquarters and all shareholders, as well as providing information on its relevant experience, technical and racing expertise, facilities, equipment, and engineering resources.


The $20,000 initial fee will be credited towards the total application fee of $300,000. The complete requirements for a full entry application will be made available to candidates by February 17th at the latest.

The deadline for submitting formal applications is April 30th, with a final decision to be made by June 30th at the latest. The selection will be based on a comprehensive due diligence investigation that evaluates the team’s technical abilities and resources, their ability to secure and maintain sufficient funding to compete at a high level, as well as their experience and personnel.

Neither the FIA nor F1’s commercial rights holder, Liberty Media, will choose an applicant if they are not deemed suitable.

According to the FIA, Liberty Media may set additional selection criteria or conditions that will be communicated to applicants during the application process.

The Concorde Agreement includes an anti-dilution fund which mandates that any new team pay $200 million to be distributed among existing teams, to compensate for lost revenue that would have gone to new entrants for their share.

If a team joins Formula One in 2025, they may only need to pay the current anti-dilution fee of $200 million, instead of a potentially higher fee that could be established in the next Concorde Agreement.

The most notable potential new entry is the joint bid led by Michael Andretti with Andretti Global and General Motors, which would feature the Cadillac brand. The proposal has generated significant discussion, including support from FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, but has faced opposition from current teams and F1 itself.


There are also other potential candidates in discussions, although less prominently. These include Honda, businessman Calvin Lo, Hyundai, Hitech GP, and Panthera Team Asia, who have either previously shown interest in entering F1 or have been connected to the sport in some way.

Ben Sulayem stated that F1 currently has “unprecedented levels” of growth and attraction.

“For the first time ever, as part of the selection criteria, we are requiring candidates to outline how they will meet the FIA’s sustainability standards and how they will make a positive impact on society through the sport,” he said.

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“The process is a natural progression of the positive response to the FIA’s 2026 F1 Power Unit Regulations from engine manufacturers, which has drawn in Audi to Formula 1 and sparked interest among other potential entrants,” he said.

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FIA new F1 teams FIA new F1 teams


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