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Ford to reveal return to F1 with partnership for Red Bull engines



Ford to reveal return to F1 with partnership for Red Bull engines.

Red Bull and Ford to reveal collaboration on 2026 F1 engine.

Red Bull and Ford’s much-anticipated partnership will be disclosed on Friday, with Red Bull showcasing the design of its 2023 car, the RB19, at a New York event.

Although not officially confirmed by either Red Bull or Ford, the Italian media mistakenly leaked the news of their partnership with the recently established Red Bull Powertrains engine division. It is believed to be accurate.

Ford has been exploring the possibility of an F1 program in recent months, centered around the 2026 engine regulations that will include “100% sustainable fuels” and a significant boost in the electrical component of the engine to almost 50%, as stated by F1.

Working with Red Bull Powertrains, established to create Red Bull’s first in-house F1 engine for 2026, offers Ford an affordable path to enter the F1 grid.

The Energy Drink was receptive to partnering with a car manufacturer and held talks with Porsche and Honda about a 2026 project before Ford became involved.

It’s anticipated that on Friday, the announcement of Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri both running engines under the Ford brand in a deal that includes financial and technical support from the US manufacturer in exchange for branding rights will be made.


Ford has a storied history as one of F1’s top engine manufacturers, including the highly successful Cosworth DFV engine design.

However, Ford has not been present on the F1 grid since 2004, the year before they sold their works team, Jaguar, to Red Bull.

Ford and Red Bull’s connection to F1 dates even further back to 1995 when Sauber, which was majority-owned by Red Bull, became Ford’s works team.

Red Bull’s partnership with Honda will conclude after the 2025 season with the formation of a partnership with Ford for 2026.

Red Bull claimed the 2021 driver’s championship with Honda and reached an agreement to continue using their engines after Honda officially left F1 that year.

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The engine designed by Honda powered Max Verstappen and Red Bull to a double championship victory in 2022, and both Red Bull teams have an agreement in place to continue using the Honda-built and maintained power unit for three more seasons.


Starting in 2026, Red Bull and AlphaTauri will switch to the first in-house Red Bull F1 engine that will be branded under Ford.

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