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F1 – Red Bull faced major consequences from cost cap penalty



F1 - Red Bull faced major consequences from cost cap penalty

“Red Bull team’s car development in 2023 is being negatively affected by the cost cap penalty from last year, says Horner.”

Red Bull’s F1 team was the only one found to have surpassed the $145 million cost limit in 2021, the first year it was implemented.

The FIA imposed a $7 million fine and limited Red Bull’s wind tunnel and CFD usage for 12 months, due to a minor cost cap breach of 1.6% in 2021 accounts. Horner reports the restrictions hinder the team, but they’re trying to minimize the impact.

“It’s another challenge, a definite handicap for us as we start the year, but we have capable people trying to get the most out of the situation and work as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

According to Horner, the Red Bull team is 25% into the cost cap penalty imposed by the FIA, which is limiting the number of wind tunnel runs they can do per quarter. This requires the team to be more disciplined and focused in their testing process in the tunnel or simulation tools.

Although Red Bull was penalized, Horner supports the cost cap era in Formula 1, but believes improvements are needed as teams and power unit manufacturers gain more experience.

“The cost cap’s principle is good and has improved efficiency. The business is much more streamlined compared to 4-5 years ago, reducing waste and requiring greater effectiveness and efficiency.”


“The cost cap has brought efficiency to the business and eliminated unseen waste.”

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“The cost cap regulations are still evolving in their second year, with tuning still needed, especially with the power unit aspect. The cost cap is overall good for Formula 1 and creates a level playing field, but there are still areas to improve.”

“There’s currently a discrepancy between chassis and engine financial regulations, where chassis teams can have a Christmas party but engine teams can’t. Some aspects need balancing for consistency across the cost cap, but overall it’s a positive change.”

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“There is still too much emphasis on the cost cap, leading to the design of expensive engines and cars due to technical regulations. To reduce the pressure on the budget cap, the technical and sporting regulations, particularly for chassis in 2026, need to address the cost drivers in the technical regulations.”

F1 – Red Bull faced major consequences from cost cap penalty F1 – Red Bull faced major consequences from cost cap penalty


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