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F1 – Montoya sees Sainz as a potential challenge for Leclerc in 2023



F1 - Montoya sees Sainz as a potential challenge for Leclerc in 2023

Juan-Pablo Montoya, a seven-time winner in Formula 1, considers Max Verstappen’s experience to give him an edge over Charles Leclerc in a championship battle. However, he has also expressed uncertainty about Verstappen’s prospects against Carlos Sainz, his Ferrari teammate, for 2023.

Leclerc and Verstappen were in a tight championship battle early last season. However, a combination of driver and team mistakes, along with technical issues, allowed Verstappen to win 8 of the final 10 races after the summer break.

Montoya rates Verstappen higher in 2023 title chances due to his championship win experience.

Montoya: “Max has more experience. Charles is very good, but not at the same level as Max.”

“Max’s experience, victories, and championship win relieve pressure.”

“It’s easier for Max to win another championship than for Charles to win his first.”

Last season, Leclerc outperformed Sainz within Ferrari, scoring 62 more points and having the best qualifying head-to-head record among all teammate pairs on the grid.


Montoya says Sainz has the potential to outperform Leclerc at Ferrari, citing Sainz’s win in the standings over Leclerc in their first year together.

“If Carlos feels comfortable in the car, he can perform well. In the past year, Carlos consistently beat Charles.”

“It all depends on the driver’s comfort in the car.”

Juan also comments on Red Bull, saying Verstappen won’t face Leclerc’s issue with a strong teammate like Perez, as Verstappen has already proven he can beat him.

“Is Perez a better driver than Max? No.”

“Perez is a good driver, but not at Max’s level.”

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