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F1 – Herbert “Skeptical” if Russell Defeats Hamilton in 2023



F1 Herbert Skeptical if Russell Defeats Hamilton in 2023

Johnny Herbert stated in 2022 that Lewis Hamilton, as a seven-time world champion and a racing driver, likely experienced frustration in his pursuit of an eighth title that was taken from him.

Johnny Herbert, a former F1 driver, was asked by for his thoughts on the potential Lewis Hamilton vs. George Russell showdown in 2023, given Russell’s performance ahead of Hamilton in the previous year.

The British commentator stated that he thinks Lewis will perform at a higher level this year.

“Lewis began last year with frustration, as he knew the car was not great,” Herbert declared.

“Lewis, being a seven-time world champion, was frustrated in his pursuit of an eighth title and as a result, had the wrong mental approach,”

Herbert stated that Lewis began last year with disappointment as he realized the car’s poor performance.

Herbert commented that as a seven-time world champion, Lewis was likely frustrated in his quest for an eighth title and, as a result, did not have the proper mindset last year.


According to Herbert, the reset provides Lewis with the opportunity to get ready both mentally and physically. He believes that the intense pressure from George will serve as a good motivator for Lewis.

“The opportunity for Lewis to reset and prepare mentally and physically has arisen, which could be a positive thing for him considering the intense pressure from George,”

Herbert ultimately predicts that Hamilton will come out on top in the internal competition within Mercedes.

Herbert believes that having a strong teammate to compete against can be a positive motivator for a driver, as it immediately raises the need to improve and perform at a higher level.

Herbert says that while Lewis has done this in the past, he is reaching the end of his career and that as one gets older, things change. With a young, ambitious driver entering the scene, there will eventually be a shift in dominance.

Herbert says that he would be surprised if the shift happened this year, but he expects a close and intense competition between George, who is eager to take over from Lewis, and Lewis himself, who will not give up easily.

“I would be shocked if this year sees the end of Lewis’ reign, but the battle between him and George will be close and intense, with George determined to claim the top spot and Lewis not willing to give up easily,”


The British commentator concluded by saying, “That’s what we want.”

F1 – Herbert Russell Hamilton F1 – Herbert Russell Hamilton

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