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F1 Ferrari – Vasseur determined to battle fiercely with Wolff and Mercedes



F1 Ferrari - Vasseur determined to battle fiercely with Wolff and Mercedes

Frederic Vasseur believes that the F1 2023 season will not be an easy ride, but instead a year to win and defeat competitors Mercedes “Toto Wolff” and Red Bull “Christian Horner”. He is determined to prove that he can achieve great things with Ferrari.

Frederic Vasseur, the new head of Ferrari, has a positive relationship with Mercedes’ Toto Wolff, but he remains resolute in his goal to compete fiercely against the Silver Arrows.

Despite having a cordial relationship with Toto Wolff of Mercedes, Frederic Vasseur, the newly appointed Ferrari boss, asserts that he will engage in a fierce battle with them.

Frederic Vasseur and Toto Wolff have a long-standing friendship, and are frequently seen together in the paddock.

The appointment of Frederic Vasseur as the new Team Principal and General Manager of Ferrari from Alfa Romeo has raised doubts about the sustainability of his friendship with Toto Wolff, the head of Scuderia’s rival team, the Silver Arrows.

Vasseur, the French team head, anticipates a challenging competition with Toto Wolff when it comes to on-track performance.

Frederic stated in an interview with the media, including, that he knows he and Toto Wolff will engage in competition on the track, in front of the stewards, at the FIA, and regarding the Concorde Agreement.


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Positive rapport outside of racing, but aggressive competition on the track.

New head of Ferrari acknowledges that maintaining positive relationships and fostering cooperation among teams can be beneficial for the sport.

Vasseur explained that having strong collaboration among teams can be advantageous for the overall health of the sport.

Frederic believes that a close collaboration between teams is beneficial for the overall state of the sport.

According to Frederic, having strong relationships with his colleagues in the industry is always beneficial, especially when it comes to discussing and reaching agreements that serve the common interests of the teams and F1.

However, Vasseur assured that he will engage in fierce competition with Toto both on and off the track.


F1 Ferrari Vasseur Wolff F1 Ferrari Vasseur Wolff

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