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F1 – Coulthard supports FIA ban on driver’s unauthorized political



F1 Coulthard FIA ban

David Coulthard supports FIA ban on F1 driver’s unauthorized political/personal statements.

Formula 1 drivers and FIA event participants are prohibited from making any “political statements” without approval from the governing authority.

The restrictions have been outlined in a revision to the International Sporting Code, which regulates all series run by the FIA.

The FIA prohibits the creation and display of political, religious, and personal statements or comments that go against the FIA’s neutral principles outlined in its Statutes, unless written approval is obtained from the FIA for international competitions or the relevant ASN for national competitions within their jurisdiction.

Former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard supports the FIA rule that prohibits drivers from making unauthorized political or personal statements.

The rule was established prior to the 2023 season, following recent outspokenness from drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel on issues like equality and climate change awareness.

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The rule was put in place ahead of the 2023 campaign due to drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel publicly addressing topics like equality and climate change awareness.

Valtteri Bottas challenges the FIA’s rule, feeling it is unjust for the governing body to want to “restrict” the drivers.

Coulthard recommended that drivers should focus on the sport in the future.

According to him, sport being watched by millions globally provides an opportunity to make a positive impact.

He stated that athletes are fortunate to earn a living doing what others would do for free.

He compared it to an Oscar acceptance speech, saying that if every speaker uses it to make a political statement, any issue becomes important to someone.

Therefore, he suggests either mentioning everything or not making any statements at all and focusing on the sport.


He acknowledged the importance of freedom of speech but also stressed that they should stick to the sporting rules, not engage in political regulation.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown supports this, calling recent driver activism “uncontrollable.”

F1 Coulthard FIA ban F1 Coulthard FIA ban

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