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F1 2023 – Piastri ready to take on the monster Norris



F1 2023 - Piastri ready to take on the monster Norris

This F1 2023 season, we will witness exceptional duels and among the most anticipated is that of Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris.

The young Australian Oscar Piastri had a successful junior career, earning three consecutive championships, before being unable to compete last year with Alpine.

He is clearly highly regarded, as evidenced by the contract negotiations that took place last year, but this also means he will have a heavy burden of expectation on his youthful shoulders.

It will be interesting to see how he handles this, providing insight into the caliber of both Lando Norris and Ricciardo.

Norris begins his fifth season in Formula 1 and is considered one of the most talented drivers on the circuit despite not having won a race yet.

Piastri is gearing up for his debut season in F1 in 2023, but the Australian is being realistic and not setting overly lofty goals for the year.

And if Piastri beats Norris, deep down the Australian desires it, despite appearing modest in this article and his statements.


Oscar wants to defeat him to show everyone that he is among the best and not to be underestimated. It would be great to see a revival of the classic duels from the Alonso vs Hamilton era. Anyway, I’ll stop here.

Oscar has disclosed his primary objective for his first season in F1, which is mainly to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible throughout the year.

Piastri, who is among the three new drivers in 2023 alongside Nyck de Vries and Logan Sargeant, will be racing for McLaren and will partner with the more seasoned Lando Norris.

At 21 years old, Piastri spent 2022 as a backup driver for Alpine, and is eager to return to racing when the Bahrain Grand Prix commences on March 5th.

When inquired in a McLaren video about the expectations for Bahrain, Piastri replied: “With luck, a positive outcome.”

“I’m not entirely certain at this point, but for me personally, [my aim is] to simply try and acquire as much knowledge as possible. If we can secure some strong finishes, then that would be an added benefit.”

“I plan to go out and savor the moment, relishing in my first race in over a year, while also having fun and fully immersing myself.”


As for his goals for his first Formula 1 season, Piastri is particularly focused on the process of acquiring knowledge and experience.

“My aim for 2023 is to gain as much knowledge and understanding as possible,” he stated.

“I believe there is much to be learned in F1, and I think that as long as I follow everything diligently and gain as much knowledge and experience as possible, while adhering to the proper processes, the results will come organically.”

“My objective is to approach everything in the correct manner, have a strong start, and make sure I also have a good time.”

F1 2023 – Piastri ready to take on the monster Norris F1 2023 – Piastri ready to take on the monster Norris

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