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F1 2023 – Alfa Romeo makes the first move with the reveal of their new design



F1 2023 Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo F1 was the first to show a new design for their F1 car, however, this is not the actual 2023 car. This design was part of a collaboration with German artist BOOGIE and presented on Tuesday. The team, now partially owned by Audi, is merely showcasing a project rather than the official 2023 car design.

On the day Haas was set to reveal their 2023 Formula 1 livery, Alfa Romeo stole some attention by releasing images of an unusual ‘Art Car’ design ahead of time.

Since joining forces with Alfa Romeo, the team has been known to use unconventional pre-season liveries for shakedowns and testing, such as the Valentine’s Day designs for the February 14 shakedowns in both 2019 and 2020, and the camouflage colors for the beginning of pre-season testing last year.

F1 2023 - Alfa Romeo makes the first move with the reveal of their new design

The team has teamed up with Swiss-based German artist BOOGIE for a year of fan events, which includes appearing in an AR app for users to bring the design into their homes. After a year, the design will be auctioned off to benefit Save the Children.

“I aimed to represent the essence of the team through my design, with the letters coming together to form the art symbolizing everyone, partners, and entities involved in creating the car,” said BOOGIE.

Compared to other wild livery previews, Alfa Romeo has set a high standard after Red Bull hinted at a “blank canvas” approach to its 2023 colors on Twitter last week.

With its official launch event taking place on February 7th, before either a shakedown or filming day, and 16 days before pre-season testing begins, it seems unlikely that we will see a special pre-season livery for the actual 2023 design.

F1 2023 Alfa Romeo F1 2023 Alfa Romeo


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