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F1 – Sauber announces Audi’s minority stake acquisition



F1 Sauber announces Audi s minority stake acquisition

The Sauber Group announced on Monday that a minority stake in the Swiss firm had been acquired by Audi in January, solidifying the partnership between the two companies for Formula 1 racing.

“Sauber Group is pleased to confirm that, according to the plans announced in October 2022, Audi has taken a minority stake in the Sauber Group as of January 2023,” said a statement from Sauber.

“This marks a significant step towards Audi’s planned entry into Formula One in 2026, with the Sauber Group serving as their strategic partner,” the statement added.

Audi’s minority stake in Sauber came as a surprise as it was previously anticipated that the German manufacturer would acquire a majority stake in the Hinwil-based company.

However, Audi may increase its investment in the future. For now, Sauber Holding AG chairman Finn Rausing still holds the controlling interest in the company.

Audi will participate in F1 starting 2026, when new power unit regulations take effect. The hybrid engine produced at the under-construction Neuburg factory by Audi will be coupled with a Hinwil-designed chassis by Sauber.

Audi’s F1 operations will be overseen by Adam Baker, a former BMW Motorsport employee, reporting to Audi board member and CTO Oliver Hoffmann. Meanwhile, Sauber Group is led by former McLaren F1 boss Andreas Seidl.


Baker stated last month that Audi’s goal for F1 is to win races within three years of their entry into the sport.

“Our aim is to be competitive within three years,” Baker stated. “It’s a achievable goal, and we plan to aim for wins in the third year.”

For now, Audi has no intention of providing its future power unit to other F1 teams, but Baker says that may change in the future.

“The regulations may mandate that we supply engines,” Baker stated.

“If it becomes necessary, we will be ready. Currently, we are not seeking a customer team, it’s too early for that. Our focus is on our factory program,” Baker added.

Sauber’s commercial partnership with Alfa Romeo in F1 will conclude this season. The team is expected to compete under the Sauber name in 2024 and 2025.

F1 Sauber Audi acquisition F1 Sauber Audi acquisition


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