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F1 – Liberty Media has plans to divest itself of Ben Sulayem from his role



F1Liberty Media has plans to divest itself of Ben Sulayem from his role

Reports indicate that F1 officials are seeking to replace FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem and have a candidate for the position ready.

Liberty Media, the owners of F1, reportedly aim to remove Ben Sulayem from his role as the head of the governing body due to growing conflict between the two sides, as per Sport1’s report.

David Richards, former team principal of BAR and Benetton and current chairman of Motorsport UK, has been proposed as a successor. The 70-year-old British national is reportedly open to the idea.

Sport1 states that for Ben Sulayem to be removed, “substantiated misconduct” must be established.

Since becoming FIA president in December 2021, Ben Sulayem has been involved in multiple controversies.

On Friday, the FIA was compelled to support Ben Sulayem after sexist statements allegedly made by the president were printed by The Times.

An archived version of Ben Sulayem’s previous website quotes him as saying “he doesn’t like women who think they are smarter than men.”


An FIA representative stated: “The comments on the 2001 archived website do not align with the president’s views.”

“He has a proven commitment to advancing women and equality in sports, which he invites assessment of. This was a key aspect of his platform and actions taken this year and during his tenure as Vice President of Sports demonstrate this.”

In a highly charged letter to the FIA, F1 accused Ben Sulayem of making “inappropriate” statements regarding the worth of the sport.

The conflict between the two sides continues over various subjects, including the possibility of expanding the F1 grid.

F1 Liberty Media Ben Sulayem F1 Liberty Media Ben Sulayem

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