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F1 – Bottas criticizes FIA for wanting to control drivers



F1 Bottas criticizes FIA for wanting to control drivers

Bottas expresses disapproval of FIA’s intention to regulate drivers.

Valtteri Bottas has voiced his apprehension towards the FIA’s tighter approach towards drivers making political statements through F1.

The FIA, motorsport’s governing body, recently updated its International Sporting Code to prohibit drivers from displaying unapproved “political, religious, and personal statements.” This change took effect at the end of last year.

The FIA’s ban on political and personal expressions in motorsports came after several years of increased activism among drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. They used their platform on race day to speak out against social injustices, inequalities, and environmental issues.

However, a change in policy has been enacted under the leadership of FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

During a media visit at the Dakar rally in Saudi Arabia earlier this month, Ben Sulayem stated, “I am a strong supporter of the sport.”

“Our focus is on creating connections. Sports can promote peace and other positive outcomes,” Ben Sulayem said.


“The FIA should not be used as a means to advance personal agendas. Deviating from the sport is not desired.”

“Hamilton has not yet made a public statement regarding the FIA’s position. However, his ex-teammate at Mercedes expressed dissatisfaction with the governing body’s attempt to restrict drivers’ freedom of speech.”

“I don’t have a fondness for politics,” Bottas stated to Sweden’s Expressen during last weekend’s Race of Champions.

“I prefer to focus on racing, which I love, but politics is a present aspect of society.”

“Formula 1 has taken notice of certain social issues and many drivers, including Sebastian Vettel, have voiced their opinions,” Bottas said.

“I don’t comprehend the desire to control us. I believe we should have the liberty to speak freely. That’s my perspective, but we’ll see the outcome,” Bottas stated.

F1 Bottas criticizes FIA F1 Bottas criticizes FIA


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