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F1 2023 – Vasseur praises Binotto for smooth transition



F1 2023 - Vasseur praises Binotto for smooth transition

Frederic Vasseur, the Ferrari F1 Team Principal, commends Mattia Binotto for the smooth transition in his predecessor’s role handover.

Frederic Vasseur applauds Mattia Binotto, former Ferrari F1 Team Principal, for a seamless and efficient transition in their handover process.

Upon Binotto’s resignation as Ferrari’s Team Principal in 2022, Vasseur was named as the successor and took over the role starting 2023 season.

Vasseur intends to lead Ferrari to compete for both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships.

Vasseur, ex-Team Principal at Renault, Sauber, and Alfa Romeo, confirmed he held talks with departing boss Binotto to ensure a seamless transfer of authority.

In his initial press appearance as the new Team Principal, Vasseur honored Binotto, who after over two decades of service to Ferrari, stepped down from the role.

Vasseur stated to media, including, “The handover was straightforward, despite rumors in the press before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend that we hadn’t talked.”


Vasseur reported to media, “The first talks took place the week after Abu Dhabi and it was a speedy process. I spoke with Mattia and even had a personal meeting with him during the handover where we had a one-on-one conversation.”

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Vasseur expressed gratitude, saying “I appreciated Mattia’s willingness to stay and wait for me to have our discussion together. It was greatly appreciated on my end.”

Speculation arose after Binotto’s departure that Todt, who ended his leadership at FIA in 2021, could possibly come back to Maranello in a consultancy position.

Vasseur has stated that there are no plans for such a return.

Vasseur added, “I have known Jean for over 20 years, he has been a constant presence in my professional life.”

Vasseur said, “I think it’s reasonable to talk with him, but it’s not about him being a consultant. I see Jean as a close relationship, not anything else.”


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F1 2023 – Vasseur praises Binotto for smooth transition F1 2023 – Vasseur praises Binotto for smooth transition

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