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Russell explains his edge over Hamilton in 2022



Russell explains his edge over Hamilton in 2022

George Russell stated that his experience in 2022 was easier because he was provided with a better car than he was accustomed to, while Lewis Hamilton was given a significantly worse car than he was used to.

During the early stages of the 2022 season, George Russell achieved better results than Lewis Hamilton. However, as the year progressed, Hamilton began to surpass Russell’s performance.

During an interview with F1Lead, Russell stated that he was able to adapt to the W13 car more easily because it was an improvement over the cars he had been driving with Williams in previous seasons.

“The key thing for me is that I came from three years of driving a car that was very challenging and not enjoyable to drive,” said the British driver.

The car I drove right from the start [with Mercedes in 2022] was an improvement over what I had been driving for the past three years.

“Lewis had been driving a car that had won multiple championships for eight years, so his standard of what constitutes a good car is different from mine,”

“In terms of how easy it was to drive, the car was a big step backwards for him and a step forward for me, that’s why I was able to adapt to it more easily.”


“It was probably easier for me to adapt to the car because it was an improvement from what I had been driving before, whereas for Lewis, it was a significant downgrade from what he was accustomed to,” Russell stated in conclusion.

Russell edge over Hamilton Russell edge over Hamilton

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