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Ford evaluating 2026 F1 entry, says Ford Performance Director



Ford 2026 F1 entry

The Global Director of Ford Performance has acknowledged that the company is exploring the possibility of entering Formula 1 in the 2026 season.

The head of Ford Performance has acknowledged that a potential entry into Formula 1 is under consideration, as rumors circulate that Ford is looking to make a comeback in the sport.

Ford, the iconic American car brand, is rumored to be in talks with Red Bull Racing for a partnership that would bring the company back to Formula 1 after over 20 years of absence, possibly as early as 2026 season.

The last time American car manufacturer Ford participated in Formula 1 was in 2004, during the final season of its unsuccessful Jaguar Racing team.

Before that, Ford was one of the most successful engine suppliers in Formula 1, earning 176 wins. Their last win came in 2003, when Jordan won the Brazilian Grand Prix with a Ford engine.

Mark Rushbrook, the Global Director of Ford Performance, stated that Ford is currently reviewing the 2026 regulations to evaluate the feasibility of entering Formula 1.

According to Rushbrook, “Formula 1 is definitely strong and continues to grow, both in the United States and around the world,” he told


“What Formula 1 has done well is create exciting racing and intense competition,” said Rushbrook, adding “It’s still considered the pinnacle of motorsports, but they’ve also been able to attract new fans with shows like Drive to Survive.”

“As a company, we participate in motorsports for various reasons such as innovation, technology transfer, learning opportunities and also for marketing purposes,” said Rushbrook. “It’s definitely different now and it’s something that needs to be considered.”

When asked about a potential 2026 entry specifically, Rushbrook said, “We don’t comment on speculation, but it’s the same with all the other series that are out there.”

“It’s our responsibility to examine them and understand them and then make decisions about whether it makes sense for us to participate or not,” said Rushbrook.

Ford 2026 F1 entry Ford 2026 F1 entry

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