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Formula Regional – Race starts with big crash



Formula Regional - Race starts with big crash

Joshua Duerksen secured the pole position in his first race of the year in Kuwait, in the Middle East regional formula. Unfortunately, a multiple crash prevented him from finishing the race, but this weekend he will have another chance to make it to the podium.

The mass crash in Formula Regional allows a Red Bull-affiliated driver to advance to the next level.

The Formula Regional Middle East race began on a sour note, with a significant crash involving over ten vehicles resulting in a turn for the worse.

Though a large number of drivers began the Formula Regional Middle East race at the Kuwait Motor Town Circuit, many of them did not manage to proceed past the second corner due to a significant crash.

The layout of the track at the Kuwait Motor Town Circuit, with a brief run to the first turn followed by a long straight leading up to the second turn, allows for opportunities to use slipstreaming, which ultimately led to the cars going four-wide on the approach to the second turn, causing a significant crash.

As seen in the video, several drivers misjudged the braking zone and this caused a chain reaction of collisions, with one car even ending up on top of another.

While many drivers were involved in the crash, some like Sebastian Montoya were able to avoid it, even managing to improve his position from 18th to 4th.


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