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F1 sends a legal notice to FIA – Analysis



F1 sends a legal notice to FIA - Analysis

The relationship between Formula 1 and the FIA has become increasingly strained. This is evident from a letter sent by Formula 1 and its owner Liberty Media to the FIA, which contains strong criticisms.

The situation has escalated to the point where it seems as though a conflict has emerged between the two parties. Can you provide more context about how this situation developed?

A day ago, it was reported that FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem had carefully considered his actions before sending out a series of controversial tweets suggesting that Formula 1 was up for sale.

The tweets were in response to reports of a potential bid for Formula 1 by Saudi Arabia through a sovereign wealth fund. It was suggested that Formula 1 would not be sold cheaply, but that a sale was not off the table. This is what the tweets seemed to indicate.

It appears that FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem may have not fully considered the consequences of his tweets about the potential sale of Formula 1. Formula 1 and Liberty Media have expressed their anger and frustration over the tweets.

They have even sent an official letter to the FIA, which has been leaked to the media, in which they strongly urge the motorsport federation to refrain from commenting on any commercial matters related to Formula 1.

The letter sent by Formula 1 and Liberty Media is highly critical and reflects the deteriorating relationship between the parties. The main cause of the tension is FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, who has a tendency to express his opinions, particularly on Twitter. He recently sparked controversy by announcing that Formula 1 was welcoming new teams.


This announcement caused a significant reaction within the Formula 1 community, even though it was not publicly expressed. The majority of F1 teams, with the exception of Alpine, believe that the current number of teams is sufficient and were taken aback by the contrasting statement from the FIA President.

With Andretti being the next source of controversy

After the tweets from Ben Sulayem, a number of parties came forward expressing their interest in joining Formula 1, with Michael Andretti being the most notable. He interpreted Ben Sulayem’s words as confirmation that his team would be able to join the grid soon.

He even announced General Motors (with the Cadillac brand) as a new partner, and argued that Formula 1 could not afford to overlook him.

However, there was little response from the existing teams, with only a few cautious positive comments from team owners such as Toto Wolff and Zak Brown.

The F1 teams were taken aback by Ben Sulayem’s tweets expressing his disappointment with the reception that Andretti and Cadillac allegedly received from the teams. The teams did not publicly respond to his statements, but were privately upset.

They were particularly frustrated with the access policy to the F1 grid. Additionally, the teams also felt that General Motors was more of a sponsor rather than a manufacturer that could elevate the sport to the next level.

After the recent tweets, Formula 1 has conveyed a clear message to Ben Sulayem to stop meddling in matters that do not concern him.


The teams were also frustrated by his initial reluctance to approve more sprint races. In general, Ben Sulayem has shown a tendency to easily become agitated during his tenure as president. This has led to a potential increase in tension in the paddock, making the upcoming season not only exciting on the track but also off it.

F1 sends a legal notice to FIA F1 sends a legal notice to FIA

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