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Petrov objects to FIA’s ban on Russia



Petrov objects to FIA ban on Russia

Former F1 driver Vitaly Petrov believes that the FIA’s decision to prohibit the use of the Russian flag in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is unjustified.

Presently, Russian drivers are permitted to participate in FIA competitions with a neutral or alternative flag.

Robert Shwartzman, one of Ferrari’s reserve drivers, is displaying the Israeli flag, despite having previously competed with the Russian flag throughout his junior career.

Nikita Mazepin, who was set to race for Haas in 2022, was removed during pre-season testing, along with the team’s title sponsor Uralkali, which is owned by Mazepin’s father Dmitry.

Mazepin and Petrov concur in their disapproval of the exclusion of athletes representing Russia.

Petrov stated to the Russian newspaper Sport-Express that he does not consider any champion or Olympic title to be legitimate without the participation of Russia,

“We should stop being afraid of our own people and reinstate Russia into global sports. I find it unacceptable and cannot comprehend the irrationality of imposing certain views on individuals.”


“If we discuss motorsports in general, having all the top drivers competing within Russia will significantly raise the level of domestic competition and overall standard of racing,” Vitaly Petrov said.

“By allowing all the top drivers to compete in Russia, it will drive experimentation with different classes, bring in new cars and attract a new audience. This can be used as a catalyst to promote the growth of motorsports”

“I acknowledge it’s challenging, but no one should abandon the effort.”

“I have always aspired to race in Formula 1, so I have a good understanding of young drivers. They must be patient, train and keep the faith, so when the opportunity to return arises, we will all be prepared,”

Vitaly Petrov competed for Renault and Caterham during his career, making history as the first Russian driver in F1 in 2010.

Petrov achieved one podium finish during his three-year tenure in F1, at the 2011 Australian Grand Prix.

Petrov objects to FIA’s ban on Russia Petrov objects to FIA’s ban on Russia


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