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“Ferrari has a lot of issues to address” – Massa



Ferrari has a lot of issues to address Massa

Felipe Massa has expressed the opinion that for Charles Leclerc to have a chance at winning the F1 title this year, Ferrari must address a significant number of issues.

Massa, who raced for Ferrari from 2006 to 2013, acknowledged Leclerc’s talent but emphasized that the team must urgently fix multiple problems in order to achieve success.

According to Massa, who spent seven years at Ferrari from 2006 to 2013, while he recognizes Leclerc’s driving abilities, he believes that the team has many issues across multiple areas that need to be fixed quickly if they want to achieve success this year.

In an interview with Polish site, Massa stated that in order to win a title, everything has to be perfect, which Ferrari needs to keep in mind. He also added that Ferrari’s questionable strategy decisions hampered their 2022 season despite a strong start.

Massa said: “Charles is doing an excellent job, he is a great driver and truly deserves to be in a car that can compete. He should have the chance to fight for the championship as a driver.”

According to Massa, Ferrari needs to address and improve on the issues that are not working, including strategy and other areas, in order to be successful.

“It is clear that they need to address and resolve the problems they are facing. They must work to improve not only their strategy, but also other areas that are not functioning as desired.”


“They experienced multiple mechanical issues early in the season, including difficulties during pit stops and issues with their race strategy.”

“Ultimately, in order to claim the championship, all aspects must be flawless. In my opinion, during a season like this, it is crucial to make the necessary adjustments in an effective manner. Making changes in the wrong way can be detrimental.”

“It is essential to make changes in an appropriate manner and address issues promptly. Efforts should be made to resolve problems as soon as possible in order to improve for the next season, even if the current one is not yet finished.”

Massa talked about his position as an ambassador for Formula 1, stating that it is enjoyable to attend events without the stress and intensity associated with actually competing.

He added that it is a different experience, pointing out that as an ambassador his focus is on engaging with the fans, doing interviews and interacting with important figures.

“Having support from sponsors and representation from various businesses and top companies is a valuable achievement.”

“However, the atmosphere is more laid-back as there is no pressure to compete, the focus is on sharing knowledge and experience with others which is enjoyable.”


“Being a Formula One ambassador is not without its challenges, it requires patience and a willingness to take on the role. Nevertheless, it is rewarding to be a part of the program.”

Ferrari has a lot of issues Ferrari has a lot of issues

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