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Wolff and Horner have a strained relationship



Wolff and Horner have a strained relationship

Toto Wolff has stated that he feels Christian Horner has a preoccupation with him and that he occupies a significant space in Horner’s thoughts.

During the intense 2021 Formula 1 championship battle between Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, led by Toto Wolff, and Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing, led by Christian Horner, the relationship between the teams and their respective leaders became increasingly contentious.

The tension between the two teams was sparked by a high-speed collision on the first lap of the Silverstone race, where Verstappen was sent crashing into the barrier at Copse corner, and recorded an impact of 55g.

Red Bull Racing was unhappy with Hamilton’s celebration after he won on home soil. There were also other incidents that further strained the relationship between the two teams, such as those that occurred in Italy, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

In the final race of the season, Abu Dhabi, there was a controversial ending under safety car conditions, which allowed Verstappen to pass Hamilton on the last lap, on much fresher tires, and win the championship.

Even though Mercedes had a difficult season in 2022 and didn’t perform up to Wolff’s expectations, while Verstappen dominated the field, Wolff’s feelings towards Horner have not changed.

Toto Wolff has stated that he feels that he occupies a significant space in Christian Horner’s thoughts, he said, “I am living in his head rent free,” as per The Times.


Toto Wolff has stated that Christian Horner is preoccupied with him, saying “The guy is obsessed [with me].”

Toto Wolff believes that discussing Christian Horner is a waste of his time, stating “Every second that I spend on talking about Horner is a waste of time in my life.”

After the Abu Dhabi race, Mercedes initially filed protests against the outcome, but later withdrew them. However, Hamilton did not participate in the official FIA award ceremony.

Wolff, who marks 10 years as the head of Mercedes on January 21st, thinks that the team established itself during this time.

Wolff said of his relationship with Hamilton, “We have been together now for many years, and talk as often as possible.”

Wolff said of the period after the Abu Dhabi race, “That period was incredibly difficult, because he [Hamilton] had given it everything and was on the verge of a huge achievement [winning a record-breaking eighth world title].”

Wolff also added “One of the most difficult things in sport is processing disappointment. That is when the team comes into its own.”


Wolff Horner strained relationship Wolff Horner strained relationship

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