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“AMR23 is so vastly different” Aston Martin



AMR23 is so vastly different Aston Martin

Aston Martin has revealed that 90% of the components for its 2023 AMR23 Formula 1 race car are being redesigned.

The Silverstone-based team, despite a sluggish beginning to the 2022 season, saw a gradual improvement in performance as the season progressed.

The team achieved points in nine out of the last eleven races and tied with Alfa Romeo on 55 points in the Constructors’ Championship. However, Alfa Romeo was placed sixth in the standings due to a better race result during the year.

In a pre-season interview for Aston Martin, Eric Blandin, the deputy technical director, explained the extent to which the new AMR23 car will be different from the previous one.

“We utilized all our lessons from last year’s car in the design of this year’s car,” Eric Blandin stated.

“The AMR23 is so vastly different from AMR22, most of its parts are completely new,” Eric Blandin said.

“Over 90% of the parts have been modified and more than 95% of the aerodynamic surfaces have been redesigned,” Eric Blandin stated.


In 2023, teams will be competing under new technical regulations for the second year, as the rules underwent significant changes the previous season.

Deputy Technical Director Eric

As Aston Martin aims to move up the ranks on the grid, Blandin mentioned that the new car will feature “innovative features”, but he also suggested that these features will not be significant enough to change the team’s performance drastically.

“We’ve added a few smart innovations on the new car, they are like the cherry on top,” Eric Blandin said.

“They are nice to have but not essential. It’s great when you find a small advantage and can use it to your benefit, but it’s not often that you can design an entire car around it,” Eric Blandin stated.

“The key is to get the basics right first, and then you can add extra features,” Eric Blandin said.

“When starting a new car project, we identify the limitations of the previous year’s car and come up with ways to overcome them with the new design. We also establish the design that will give us the most potential for the future,” Eric Blandin said.

“If the initial concept is not right, you can end up limiting yourself and reaching a dead end in terms of development, which can be hard to recover from,” Eric Blandin said.


For the upcoming season, Aston Martin has signed Fernando Alonso as a driver, following Sebastian Vettel’s retirement. Alonso, a two-time Formula 1 champion, will be racing alongside Lance Stroll on the team.

AMR23 Aston Martin AMR23 Aston Martin

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