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“it will be a less difficult year for us” – Simone Resta



Simone Resta

Simone Resta, Technical Director of the Haas team, is optimistic that the team will have a smooth adjustment to the second year of the new technical regulations in Formula 1.

The Haas team is expressing confidence that they will have an easier time in the 2023 Formula 1 season as the sport enters into the second year of new technical regulations.

Simone Resta, Technical Director at Haas, acknowledges that 2022 was a difficult year for the team, but suggests that their decision to focus on preparing for the new regulations early in 2021 may have helped them to improve their performance.

“Perhaps other teams on the grid were more focused on 2021, so everyone had to adjust their resources differently,” Resta said in an exclusive interview with RacingNews365.

“However, it’s clear that in the long run, teams will come back stronger” Resta added.

Despite the difficulties encountered in 2022, Resta is optimistic that the upcoming season will be less challenging for Haas.

“In general, it will be a less difficult year for us,” Resta stated.


“This year will be easier as we can carry over some parts, unlike this past year when we had to start everything from scratch,”

“Wheel nuts, wings, hubs, etc. are components that can be reused, making it less complicated and also, our team is in a more stable position, in terms of structure and overall organization,”

In early 2021, Haas began preparing for 2022 by integrating staff from their engine partner, Ferrari, into the team.

This decision was mainly driven by the cost cap being implemented, which led Ferrari to downsizing their staff to stay within the financial limits.

Resta was among the engineers who joined Haas at the beginning of the year in January, He mentioned how challenging it was to begin from scratch with the new regulations.

“When we joined, we had to start from scratch, but it’s all relative,” Resta added.

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