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Alesi advises Vasseur to be cautious about any changes made at Ferrari



Alesi advises Vasseur to be cautious Ferrari

Alesi advises Vasseur to be cautious about any changes made at Ferrari and to ensure that certain aspects of the team remain the same.

For the 2023 Formula One season, there will be a change in leadership at Ferrari as Frederic Vasseur takes on the role of Team Principal and General Manager, moving from Alfa Romeo. Jean Alesi, a former Formula One driver, believes that certain elements of Ferrari’s team culture should be preserved and not be altered with the new leadership.

Former Formula One driver Jean Alesi thinks that Frederic Vasseur’s arrival as Team Principal and General Manager of Ferrari should not alter the Italian heritage and identity of the team.

In December, it was announced that Frederic Vasseur would be joining Ferrari as their new Team Principal and General Manager in January, taking over the role following Mattia Binotto’s resignation.

Frederic Vasseur is set to become only the fourth non-Italian leader in the history of Ferrari, known as Scuderia and he will be the first non-Italian leader since Jean Todt left the role in 2007.

Jean Todt had a successful tenure with Ferrari, and Jean Alesi does not anticipate that Vasseur will encounter any difficulties due to his status as an “outsider” at the start of his tenure with the team.

But Jean Alesi believes that Vasseur will have to rely on the support of other team members.

“Let’s be honest, on the tactical front, Ferrari were unwatchable last year,” Alesi said to Autosprint, an Italian publication.


“Things definitely need to change, otherwise there is no way out for the team. I think Vasseur has to rely heavily on Laurent Mekies [Racing Director],” Alesi said.

Alesi believes that Mekies can assist Vasseur in determining which areas of Ferrari should be changed and which should be maintained.

“Mekies has been with Ferrari for years and he can be the ideal person for Vasseur to identify areas that need to be changed and what should remain the same because there is potential,” Alesi added.

Alesi believes that the Italian culture within the team should not be changed.

“If you tell me that Ferrari is going to speak or should speak more and more French, I will say no immediately,” Alesi, who claimed his only Formula 1 victory with the Scuderia, said.

“Maranello is Italian. Italian language should be the only one spoken in the team,” Alesi stated.

“I once drove for the Scuderia, and it was where I had the best moments of my career,” Alesi said.


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