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Ferrari outperforms Red Bull and Mercedes, an additional 30 horsepower



Ferrari outperforms Red Bull and Mercedes an additional 30 horsepower

Ferrari has made significant progress in engine performance, gaining 30 horsepower more than Mercedes and Red Bull, positioning the team to compete better in the upcoming season.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Ferrari has made significant improvements in engine performance for the current calendar year. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are reportedly driving cars that have an additional 30 horsepower compared to the competition.

Due to regulations that prohibit major modifications to the powerplant, teams are not able to improve the engine performance in the coming years. However, teams are still allowed to work on reliability, and it is in this area that Ferrari has reportedly made the greatest advancements.

During the last season, it was revealed that the Ferrari engine was not entirely reliable. However, the team has made adjustments that have reportedly made the engine more reliable. Additionally, the team is believed to have found an extra 30 horsepower through behind-the-scenes work. With these improvements, Ferrari hopes to close the gap with its competitors.

Mercedes has discovered an additional 16 horsepower by using a new fuel supplied by Petronas.

In 2022, Mercedes struggled with straight-line speed, but this was primarily caused by their aerodynamic concept rather than a weak engine. Despite this, the team has managed to discover an additional 16 horsepower by using a new fuel supplied by Petronas.

Despite their efforts to improve the engine, Mercedes no longer holds a dominant position in terms of power unit compared to the V6 hybrid era, and they are facing more competition from other teams.


Red Bull has also made progress, discovering an additional 10 horsepower, which will help them in the upcoming season.

Even though Renault has made improvements in terms of reliability, it hasn’t resulted in an increase in power output for their power unit.

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It appears that the progress made by Mercedes and Red Bull is not as significant as that made by Ferrari. Mercedes has recently focused on reducing friction in mechanical components, which has resulted in an additional 16 horsepower, nearly half as much as Ferrari. Red Bull, on the other hand, has focused on increasing the power output, resulting in a gain of 10 horsepower.

Ferrari 30 horsepower Ferrari 30 horsepower

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