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The updated rules for F1 in the 2023 season



The updated rules for F1 in the 2023 season

The FIA has announced several changes to the rules of Formula 1 for the 2023 season. The season will begin in March in Bahrain and will be the longest season yet.

There will be technical changes made to the cars in order to eliminate the phenomenon of porpoising. The minimum ride height has been raised by 15mm, the diffuser throat has also been raised, and new sensors will be installed to measure the car’s vertical forces. The minimum weight of the cars has dropped by 2kg and roll hoops have been strengthened following a crash at Silverstone.

To simplify the system of grid penalties, the FIA has clarified that drivers who receive “more than 15 cumulative grid position penalties, or who have been penalized to start at the back of the grid, will start behind any other classified driver.”

For two events, all drivers will be required to use just hard tires in Q1, mediums in Q2, and softs in Q3. This change is expected to save a lot of tires and is more sustainable for the tire manufacturer.

The number of sprint races for 2023 has doubled, there will be six sprint weekends: Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Qatar, USA, and Brazil.

To improve visibility, changes have been made to the rear-view mirrors, the width of the reflective surface has increased by 50mm.

In order to reduce the number of hours worked by F1 team personnel, the third of three restricted periods will start an hour earlier in 2023, with another hour set to be taken off for 2024. The number of curfews allowed for the first Wednesday and second Thursday will also be cut in half.


F1 has tightened up its rules surrounding gearbox modifications, changes are now only permitted “in the case of materials, processes or proprietary parts becoming unavailable” with no performance benefit.

Finally, teams are being given extra freedom for 2023 regarding the cooling of fuel. The fuel in a car must not be colder than the lowest of either 10 degrees centigrade below ambient temperature, or 10 degrees centigrade (this being cut from 20 degrees), at any time when the car is running after leaving the competitor’s designated garage area.

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