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Wolff promises that the 2023 W14 F1 car will contain many unexpected features



Wolff promises W14 F1 2023 car will be

Toto Wolff hinted that Mercedes might have a surprise in store this year following a disappointing 2022 season.

Toto Wolff indicated that the 2023 Mercedes competitor might resemble its previous successful model, the W13, but will contain many hidden surprises beneath its exterior.

After eight years of dominance in Formula One, Mercedes nearly finished the 2022 season without adding a single victory trophy to its already impressive collection, despite coming close.

Thankfully, George Russell salvaged the team’s dignity by securing a victory in the second-to-last round of the F1 season in Brazil.

Mercedes is now concentrated on introducing a car that they hope will make up for their unsuccessful 2022 season. Wolff stated that despite the similarities to the previous W13 model, the W14 silver arrow will contain many unexpected features.

“The last time I saw it, I thought it looked similar to the W13, but I hope it’s not identical,” Wolff said.

“Just like you, I go to the wind tunnel and it appears to be similar to this year’s car, but I’m told it’s significantly different beneath the surface,” Wolff said.


“It’s all about the flow of air, the distribution of weight, and the aerodynamics,” Wolff explained.

As evidence, Wolff points out that the modifications made to the W13 last season were not visibly apparent from the exterior.

“We fundamentally altered the car design halfway through the year,” Wolff said. “But these changes were not reflected in the external appearance.”

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According to Wolff, Mercedes’ primary focus beyond the appearance of the car is creating a competitive and more convenient vehicle for their drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

“I believe we have a much clearer grasp of the issues we faced,” the Austrian said.

“We’ve been uncovering one layer after another of problems, but I feel that we have now reached a point where we have a good understanding of why the car was not performing as expected,” Wolff explained.


“We have achieved correlation for some tracks at least, so it’s all about the fine tuning of how we can optimize the car aerodynamically, enhance the handling, and make it more enjoyable,” Wolff said.

“If we can resolve these issues during the off-season, then we will have established a stable base for the drivers and can work on further improvement,” Wolff stated.

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Wolff promises W14 F1 2023 car will be “full of surprises” Wolff promises W14 F1 2023 car will be “full of surprises”