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First details of F1 2023 cars Ferrari and Red Bull’s RB19!



First details of F1 2023 cars Ferrari and Red Bull RB19

As Formula 1 begins to reawaken from its winter slumber, little nuggets of information surrounding the F1 2023 cars are starting to be unearthed.

With the 2023 F1 season fast approaching, speculation is rife about the new cars ahead of their launches next month.

Ferrari, Aston Martin and AlphaTauri have already confirmed which dates they will show off their 2023 challengers.

In the coming weeks, the rest of the field will likely do the same as they unveil their new machines to the world for the first time.

Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport have released some early information about Red Bull and Ferrari’s new cars.

Red Bull and Ferrari were the class of the field in 2022, winning 21 of the 22 races.

Likely to be named the RB19, Red Bull are focusing on reducing the weight of their 2023 car.


Weight was a key issue which hampered Red Bull in the early part of the year.

Once they got on top of it, Red Bull dominated in the second half of the season.

However, according to the report, the RB19 will be at least 3kg lighter.

The report also explained that: “The gearbox, thanks to a different placement of the suspension elements, will present a lower narrowing, increasing the section of the Venturi channels.

“The layout of the sides will maintain strong points of contact with the 2022 car, but will be characterised by a refinement of the ‘double bottom’.”

The article also revealed that Ferrari have adopted a narrower car design.

La Gazzetta dello Sport state that the “aerodynamic concept will be largely different” and they will introduce a new gearbox.


Ferrari will enjoy a 30 horsepower increase from the power unit as they fixed the reliability issues that plagued their campaign.

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First details of F1 2023 cars Ferrari and Red Bull’s RB19! First details of F1 2023 cars Ferrari and Red Bull’s RB19!