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Ferrari F1 2022 has potential to win



Ferrari F1 2022 has potential to win carlos sainz

Ferrari F1 2022 has potential to win, after a strong showing across both pre-season tests.

I have to say that every time the Ferrari hit the track with either driver, it was right up there on pace. It does look like it has made a good step forward. Will Ferrari be on pole and rush off into the distance next weekend?.

Probably not, but if it can execute the weekend without getting carried away I think Ferrari will be right there to give whoever is on pole position a hard time.

The gap between the drivers definitely won’t be this big. But Leclerc looks like he has found his mojo again and is enjoying a car that has potential.

Ferrari heads into the 2022 Formula 1 season among the favourites after a strong showing across both pre-season tests.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz featured prominently in both Spain and Bahrain, often at the top of the timesheets.

With solid and consistent pace, no major issues experienced, and the most mileage of any team, on paper the Scuderia looks a solid early season contender.

Ferrari F1 2022 has potential to win charles leclerc

However, team boss Mattia Binotto has reserved judgement on exactly where his squad will be despite the strong pre-season showing.

“We cannot draw any definite conclusions, because it will take a few races before we can get a picture of the pecking order among the teams,” he said.

“However, what we can say now is that these past few days have been positive for us.”

Key for teams in testing was to not only understanding their cars and how to tune them, but also gathering data to correlate the real world against the simulator and CFD models.

“Our main aim was to gather as much data as possible to understand this completely new car, correlating it with what we had from our tools back in the factory, primarily the simulator,” Binotto said.

“It’s very hard to say where we are in performance terms and there’s no reason why the frontrunners from last season should not once again be the favourites.

“We will try to be ahead of the chasing pack, which I hope to be very evenly matched.

“Our car is a good basis on which to build and to maximise its potential given that, with such a long season, car development will play a vital role,” he added.


“Charles and Carlos came into these tests in great shape and they have made a major contribution to us getting the most out of these days.

‘Finally, it’s great to see so many different interpretations of the rules among all the teams. We can expect a very interesting season!”

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Ferrari F1 2022 has potential to win Ferrari F1 2022 has potential to win

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